Ce4 Clearomizer Atomizer

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Personalise your e-cigarette with one of our colourful optimizers

Compatible with any Ego Battery!

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Personalise your e-cigarette with one of our colourful optimizers. Compatible with any Ego Battery!

It’s a revolutionary clearomizer designed to work with eGo or any other 510 thread battery, and gives the user a pure and clean vaping experience.

This clearomizer comes with atomizer in a clear plastic shell, which has the scale on it. So it’s very CLEAR that how much e-liquid is left and when to refill it.

The CE4 clearomizer can hold 1.6ml – 2.0ml of e juice. This is a must have for serious vapers!

Advantages of CE4 Clearomizer

  • Very easy to refill – no syringe necessary, also you can control how many to fill in through the clear shell. We advise never filling to more than about 95% capacity.
  • No Burning taste, No leaking – with the new design, it will never give you the burning smell anymore. And the leaking problem also been solved with the new structure.

How to Refill CE4 Clearomizer

It’s very easy to refill the CE4 clearomizer, follow the steps below:

  • Unscrew the driptip from the clearomizer
  • Fill with with e-liquid – Never filling to more than about 95% capacity.
  • DO NOT fill the e-liquid into the center hole, please drip against the wall.
  • Screw the drop tip back.
  • Wait 1-2 minutes for the eliquid feeding into the coil.


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