Electronic Cigarette Tanks and Clearomizers

At Freshmist we offer a HUGE array of Clearomizers and Tankomizers It may look daunting at first if you are a newcomer to the world of vaping, but don’t let that stop you!

All of the systems within this category are either disposable or non-disposable systems. This basically means that;

Disposable systems – When the atomizers within these are burnt out the system needs to be tossed away and replaced for a new one. Products in this category are; CE4 Clearomizers and Innokin iclear 10 are disposable. These are easy to use and are convenient for customers on the go. Why not grab yourself a couple and save yourself some money?

Non-Disposable systems – When the atomizer within this burns out, the system does not need to be replaced. All you simply do is change the ‘’coil head’’ (atomizer) within the system. When clicking on a specific product, the spare atomizers will be indicated within this. Don’t forget it’s always good to have spares over having none.

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