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Freshmist are one of the leaders in E-Cigarettes and E-Liquids in the UK and have been at the forefront of the market since 2013, helping to replace over million tobacco cigarettes with our Freshmist Starter kit alone.

We pride ourselves completely on our huge product range of e-liquids ranging from 10ml bottles, to 100ml shortfill e-liquids. Our team constantly researches this industry which gives us the upper hand in supplying the latest and greatest products for the vaping industry.

We are the one-stop-shop for everything e-cig!

Nic Salt E-Liquids – Mob Saltz

Introducing Mob Salts, a brand new 18mg Nic Salts e-liquid from Freshmist.

We have a fantastic range of nic salts e-liquids that will get those tastes buds going!

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Our Amazing Best 10ml E-Liquids

Here you’ll find our complete range of 10ml e liquids. At Freshmist, we use only the best ingredients to produce our amazing quality 10ml e-liquids.

Mixed by flavour technicians, who are experts in their field, our 10ml e-liquid bottles are the culmination of 8 years of experience in the industry.

This way, you know our 10ml e-liquid bottles are going to taste extremely exciting!

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10ml E-Liquids

Strawberry 10ml E-Liquid


10ml E-Liquids

Red Cherry 10ml E-Liquid


The Best Electronic Cigarette's

Here you’ll find our selection of e-cigarette starter kits.

At Freshmist, we always aim to keep fully-stocked on a wide range of vaping products, and we understand the importance of providing an unrivalled selection of beginner e-cigarette products.

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E-Cigarette Starter Kits

Joyetech Ego Aio Eco Kit

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Best Quality UK E-Liquid

Choosing high-quality e-liquids for your e-cigarette is certainly a difficult task especially when we have plenty of brand options to choose from. We offer the best quality e-liquids and that too in endless variety.

Our UK manufactured e-liquid is available in not one or two but more than 100 flavours, so our customers enjoy complete freedom to choose their favourite flavour which can range from menthol to tangy flavours.

Apart from manufacturing the best-flavoured e-liquid, our company manufactures the most amazing range of e-juices which are made from 100% natural ingredients and come in a tremendous variety of flavours such as cherry, espresso and tobacco etc

So, no matter you are a traditional smoker aiming to switch over to electronic vaping or are already a seasoned vaper looking for great e-liquid options, Freshmist offers you wonderful options of e-liquids to choose from which aren’t just highly accredited but are also very affordable.

Our Massive Range of Shortfill E-liquids

Amazing shortfill e-liquids at great prices, what more could you ask for?

Our e-liquid shortfill offers a perfectly satisfying vape at any time of the day or night and is perfect for both occasionally vapes or as your main everyday favourite.

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