Freshmist Frequently Asked Questions


Vaping is a substitute to smoking which is clinically certified to be far healthier than smoking.

There are many different styles and types of e-cigs, but they all work in the same fundamental fashion, via a battery powered heating element (usually a small section of coiled metal) vaporising the e-liquid which is then inhaled by the user.

With the wide variety of kits, mods tanks and juices available to vapers at this point, there really isn’t a direct answer as to what is the perfect mod for you.

As a someone who is new to vaping, the ideal starter kit that we would recommend would be an Ego Twist 1300mah battery, with an Aspire K1 Tank. However, depending on your price range, if you’re looking for a cheaper solution, we also offer a 900mah starter kit, with a disposable tank as a full kit, and at the higher end, we also offer the Endura T18E kit. All these options are applicable to all new vapers, it’s just a case of which is ideal for you!

When you are introduced to vaping, a lot of the numbers, and terms may be quite confusing, and intimidating, but they’re quite simple when they are broken down.

Mah stands for milliamp hours, and this, effectively, is the battery life of your mod. The higher these numbers are, generally, the longer your battery will last, however, if you were to run your battery at a higher wattage/voltage, the battery would be comparatively shorter.

The power, going from your battery into the heating element (coil) of your e-cig. The higher these numbers are, generally, the more powerful/intense a vape you will experience.

Ohm’s Law describes the relationship between the resistance (in Ohms (Ω)) of a heating element (coil) and the amount of power going through it (voltage), and how it produces the heat, that will vaporise the e-liquid into an inhalable form.

As such, the lower the resistance of a coil, the lower voltage can be put through the coil, to equate more wattage, to produce more vapour, and a more intense/powerful vaping experience.

A 0.2 Ω coil ran at 80W, would equate to 4V, whereas if you used 4V with a 3Ω coil, it would equate to approximately 5.33W, still comfortably within it’s safe range, but no as powerful, thus will not give as intense an experience.


PG (Propylene Glycol) & VG (Vegetable Glycerin) are the two main base ingredients of e-liquid, with flavouring and Nicotine either PG or Vg based. The main differences between PG, and VG are their viscosity (thickness), and the harshness one experiences in their throat (“throat hit”), when vaping.

In terms of viscosity, PG is by far the thinner of the two, meaning that if you have a thick, or gloopy e-liquid, it is most likely to be high in VG. PG also delivers far more throat hit than VG and helps to simulate a more authentic smoking like experience due to this, as such high PG liquids are generally paired with a higher nicotine strength, and are usually used by people new to vaping, or people that still wish to have a significant throat hit.

The ratio of an e-liquid refers to the ratio between the 2 main ingredients of an e-liquid, VG (Vegetable Glycerin), and PG (Propylene Glycol). The most common forms of this ratio are 80(VG)/20(PG), 50(VG)/50(PG), and 60(PG)/40(VG). What these numbers mean, is that for every one part of one ingredient, there is an corresponding amount for the other. For example, if you had 200ml of 80(VG)/20(PG) liquid, there would be 160ml of VG based liquid, and 40ml of PG based liquid.

The nicotine strength of an e-liquid, measured in mg per millilitre. In essence, the higher the nicotine strength of the liquid, the more nicotine you will inhale. Additionally, the higher the strength of the e-liquid, the more throat hit that you will experience with each inhalation.


Mouth to lung vaping more closely resembles traditional smoking, with the vapour being firstly inhaled into the mouth, followed by then inhaling it to the lung. This generally is used with lower powered devices, such as a starter kit, and generally produces less vapour on the exhale.

Sub ohm vaping is where you inhale the vapour directly into the lung, without holding it in your mouth first. This is generally used with more powerful devices, by more experienced vapers. Additionally, this produces more vapour on exhale.


These batteries are built into the product, and must be charged via the product, usually by a micro usb cable.

External batteries are cylindrical batteries, that can be removed from the device, and charged externally. They come in a variety of sizes, such as 18650, 26650 and 20700. Additionally, they can have different capacities (mAh), and discharge rates. It is important that you purchase a high drain battery, from a reputable distributor, as it can be dangerous to match an incorrect battery with a high drain device. It is highly recommended that these batteries are charged externally, in an external charger.