10ml E-Liquids – Over 100 Amazing Flavours

Interested in 10ml e-liquids for your electronic cigarette?

Our 10ml e-liquids come in small 10ml bottles that contain a shot of nicotine, combined with any mouth-watering flavours under the sun.

At Freshmist, we use only the best ingredients to produce our amazing quality 10ml e-liquid flavours and believe we offer the best e-liquids available for electronic cigarette vaping!

Massive Range Of Exciting Flavours

Fruit, menthol, sweet and many more flavours available in 10ml cheap e-liquid bottles. Plus we offer Free UK Delivery when you spend over £30!

Fully TPD compliant 10ml e-liquids

Our expert e-liquid flavour technicians have developed our fully TPD compliant 10ml e-liquids over the last 8 years and are fully confident you are going to love the unique vape flavours. We also have some fantastic multi buy deals that save you money each time you purchase. Perfect for newcomers and advanced electronic cigarette users alike, our flavourful 10ml e-liquids offer a delightful taste without the need of adding a nic shot. With a wide range of premium quality e-liquid flavours available for your electronic cigarette, we are confident that you’ll never get bored with our 10ml e-liquids. We also have developed an exciting range of nicotine salts, that you must check out!

Exciting Flavour Range

From tobacco, menthol, and mint e-liquids to lemon e-liquid, berry fruit, blueberry, blue raspberry, banana, mango, watermelon, strawberry red berries & more. We have a broad selection of e liquids to choose from. Maybe drinks are more your style? If fruit flavours aren't your thing, try them. We have a wide range of flavours to choose from, starting with coffee and ending with custard. Pick the perfect nicotine level for your vape hit. AND, we'll provide free UK delivery if you spend over £30. AND, did we mention that your e liquid will be delivered the next day?

High PG E-Liquid

Because of its ability to carry flavour and generate a tactile throat hit that mimics conventional cigarettes, high-PG juices are a fantastic option for newer vapers who have recently switched from smoking. Vape pens, traditional or beginner e-cigarette kits, and refillable pod devices benefit from e-liquids with a greater PG to VG ratio because they are more consistent.

Nicotine Salt E-Liquids

Nicotine Salt liquids employ nicotine produced from natural nicotine salts and are often known as "nic-salts." These fluids allow you to vape nicotine in higher concentrations without experiencing a harsh throat hit because of their lower PH. The experience of smoking a genuine cigarette is enhanced by nic salt liquids. Nic salt e-liquid is ideal for beginning kits and refillable Pod Kits because it's vape'd on low-wattage devices.

50:50 E-Liquids

With an even PG and VG ratio, e-cigarette liquids provide a smooth, satisfying throat hit while providing a perfect balance between delicious flavour and excellent cloud production. They're perfect for starter kits and pod kits.

High VG E-Liquid

When vaped on stronger devices and low resistance coils, high-VG e-juices produce rich, flavourful clouds. High VG e-liquids are often referred to as sub-ohm liquids, and they work best in advanced vape kits like box mods and compatible tanks. Vaping has become increasingly popular over the past few years, and for good reason! e-liquid is made up of three main ingredients - Propylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycerin, and Nicotine - which help to create the flavourful liquid you vape. Our liquids have been developed using the perfect balance of Vegetable Glycerin (VG) and Propylene Glycol (PG) giving you maximum flavour.

How to choose the right nicotine strength for your needs

It's always important to know the nicotine strength of your e-liquid in order to make a safe and healthy purchase. Not all 10ml e-liquids are created equal, and nicotine strength can vary dramatically from one brand to the next. To make sure you're choosing the right nicotine strength for your needs, here are some safety tips for choosing the right e-liquid nicotine strength for you.

What is a 10ml e-liquid for vaping?

When choosing your nicotine strength, think about how much you smoke per day and choose an intensity that fits your needs. For example, if you only smoke once or twice a week, choose a lower level that won't feel too strong. If you smoke more than that, go for a higher intensity level.

Choosing the nicotine strength for your e-liquid

There are a variety of nicotine strengths available on the market, each with its own benefits and drawbacks. When choosing the nicotine strength for your e-liquid, it's important to consider how you're going to use it. There are three levels of nicotine - low, medium, and high - each with its own benefits and drawbacks. When choosing the nicotine strength for your e-liquid, be sure to consider how you're going to use it and what level of nicotine is best for you. Beware of e-liquids labelled "zero mg," as these may contain no nicotine at all and should not be used by people who smoke cigarettes or cigars. It may also be worth mentioning about nic salt, find out more about our nic salt range here.

Safety tips while buying e-liquid online or in a vape store.

E-liquid is a great way to vape without having to smoke. But like any other product, it's important to choose the right nicotine strength for your needs. If you're starting off with vaping, start off with a lower nicotine strength and work your way up if needed. Finally, store e-liquid in a safe and clean place away from children and pets.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some signs that the nicotine level in my e liquid is too high?

If you're vaping with nicotine levels above the recommended range, it may be time to lower the nicotine level in your e liquid. Some signs that a higher nicotine strength may be needed include needing more than one refilling per day and increased cravings for cigarettes. Additionally, if you are feeling lightheaded, dizzy, or anxious after vaping, it is probably time to lower the nicotine level in your e liquid.

What should I do if I try a higher nicotine strength and it's not working well for me?

If you're not getting the results you were hoping for with a higher nicotine strength, it may be best to try another nicotine concentration instead. There are three types of nicotine concentrations in e liquid - high, medium, and low. For most people, a high concentration will work best as it provides more throat hit and taste than the other two concentrations. Ideally, if you're still not satisfied with the results, you can always lower the nicotine concentration to see if that's a better fit for you.

Can I mix different types of 10ml e liquids together without worrying about mixing levels or toxicity?

Yes, you can mix different types of 10ml e liquid together without worrying about mixing levels or toxicity. However, it is best to stick with PG/VG blends when making your mixes as they are the most compatibility-friendly and tolerable. There are many different PG/VG blends out there so make sure you find one that works well for your needs. When choosing a nicotine strength, start with lower concentrations first and work your way up as needed.
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