An electronic cigarette or personal vaporizer is a specialised battery powered solution for your smoking needs. To assists you in these advanced smoking techniques now there are huge varieties of e-liquids in market and they posses’ different flavours. You can buy any one as per your choice; four major ingredients of these Cloud juice products are PG/ VG base, water, nicotine and food grade flavourings. Base is used to hold nicotine or flavour so that your vaporizer or e-cigarette can produce amazing clouds with smoke like vapours.

GrannysThere are so many unique flavours in the market with mouth watering taste that are created with quality standards. The special variety of dripper juice is designed using finest collection of ingredients such as nicotine, vegetable glycerine and propylene glycol. The VG and PG levels are commonly found in most of food items; they are considered safer for heart by FDA. Those e-liquids that possess very high range of PG or VG level are usually preferred for sub ohm tanks and dripping; they can also be utilised with vape pens. Here are some details about PG and VG e-liquids:

  • PG is comparatively thinner with very low density; it can be easily and quickly observed by wick materials and will not cause any damage to your heating elements or wicks thus you will have to apply fewer efforts for cleaning.
  • If we take the case of VG liquids they have more density and are thicker; this feature help atomizers to produce thicker clouds but this type of high vg e-liquid leaves bad impression over heating elements or wicks and hence you have to apply more efforts toward cleaning.

Most of people love to use sub ohm juice for their e-cigarettes; it is simply applied to atomizer coils of device that possesses resistance of very less even not up to one ohm. One of the main reason behind their popularity is that they are enough capable to boost overall power output even out of fixed voltage devices such as mechanic mods as well as non variable highly regulated type devices. The cloud juice packages come in variable sizes so that people can buy anyone as per their choice and need.

There are lots of benefits associated with electronic mods:

  • They provide perfect control over voltage as well as wattage.
  • You can easily monitor life of battery.
  • They incorporates LED screen as well as ohms meter.
  • Allows to vape while device is on charging.
  • Electronic items are easy to regulate and monitor so it involves very less or negligible safety risks.

Those who are addicted to electronic cigarettes can try unique taste every time because online dealers provide unlimited collection of flavours. A 30ml cloud juice can provide you enough production of vapours; the most popular flavours are Amethyst, Emerald, Amber, Ruby, Sapphire and ginger blast. Expert makes perfect combination of airflow, resistance, watts to create best juice that can deliver superior taste. These cloud juice packages are available at reasonable price on various websites; order your favourite flavour and enjoy best moments with your e-cigarette.

subb2Kangertech is one such brand that has consistently maintained its popularity by launching innovative coil tanks and vapes every now and then. However, recently it came up with a product that is bound to revolutionize the concept of vaping altogether. We are talking about Kangertech’s new sub-tank, the latest replaceable coil tank having hybrid features. Yes you heard it right, this newly launched sub-tank from the house of Kangertech gives its user the freedom to easily switch between the re-buildable atomizer head and Kanger’s original organic cotton coil heads i.e. OCC. Simply put, this sub tank can be used as a clearomizer and an RBA with much ease.

Apart from having all the necessary features of a sub-tank, this product features a brand new innovation in the form of organic cotton coils, also known as OCC. The presence organic cotton coils in this sub-tank lets one have an unmatchable vaping experience apart from offering great flavor. There is an easy to switch low resistance atomizer along with OCC that are made up of Japanese cotton having unique square shape. The uniqueness of Japanese cotton doesn’t just restrict to their square shape, this cotton gives the coil of the sub-tank a longer life, larger heating section as compared to normal coils and a taste that is simple pure and unmatchable.

The sub-tank by Kangertech has an RBA assembly that can be taken out with the coil, thereby making it a Re-buildable tank atomizer. Thus, this product offers you complete freedom to either use pre-installed OCC coils made up of superior Japanese cotton or new Kanger coils if you like building own coils for enhancing your vaping experience. The sub-tank is ideally 25mm wide and can easily fit devices up to 20-22 mm, thereby offering ample place to you for fitting in your own coils and wicks. If building or re-building coils is something that interests you, Kangertech’s sub-tank might just be the right product for you as it comes with 4-pre built RBA coils along with 2 coils that are already installed in the tank. So, all you need to do after buying this sub-tank is get yourself some wire and wick and start innovating with the coils that suit your needs.

However, if you don’t wish to use the OCC or don’t feel like re-building your own coils, this sub-tank still might prove extremely useful for you. Yes friends, this sub-tank from Kangertech is 100% compatible with the older versions of dual and upgraded coils offered by Kangertech as well. Apart from having a beautiful glass tank, coils and RBA, this sub-tank from Kangertech comes with a number of useful devices, some of which are enlisted below for quick reference.

The Kangertech sub-tank kit contains:

  • 1- Sub-tank
  • OCC- 1 of them being 0.5 sub-ohm and 1 being 1.2 ohm
  • 4- Pre-built RBA coils, 1 RBA tip connector and 1 RBA Base
  • 1- pad Japanese cotton for building coils and wicks on your own
  • 2 screws, 1 screw driver, 1 beauty ring and 1 manual

All in all, Kangertech sub-tank is one of its own kind product in the market that is aimed to create a positive difference in your vaping experience along with giving you a great room to experiment with your clearomizer.

diyThere isn’t an iota of doubt that the concept of e-cigarettes is revolutionary and has certainly changed the way people smoke and perceive smoking altogether. The beauty of e-cigarettes is that they resemble and work just like normal cigarettes but are far less harmful for the smoker and people around him due to absence of smoke and less amount of nicotine content. However, an e-cigarette would certainly be considered incomplete without the presence of apt e-liquid in it. In simple words, E-liquid is the lifeline of an e-cigarette, a liquid solution which fuels an electronic cigarette. By providing the right amount of nicotine content and flavoring to the e-cigarette, E-liquid tends to become the most crucial part of an e-cigarette kit.

Choosing high quality e-juice and cloud chasing liquids for your e-cigs is certainly a difficult task especially in the present times when people have plenty of brand options to choose from. However, if you are looking for best cheap e-liquid that’ll magnify your smoking experience then, you’ve certainly come to right place as our company ‘Freshmist- a breath of fresh air’ offers you the best quality e-liquids and that too in endless variety. Not many people are aware of the fact that E-liquid is essentially the vapor a smoker exhales thus imitating the traditional way of smoking and the use of high quality e-liquid just like the ones available with will provide you with a thick vapor, thus giving you the exact feeling of smoking through the traditional cigarette.

Apart from a great vapor, a high quality e-liquid would provide the perfect flavor to the smoker. Yes friends the beauty of e-liquids is that they are available in different tastes and flavors, thus suiting every individual’s needs. And at, you’ll get plenty of flavor options to choose from. Our UK manufactured e-liquid is available in not one or two but more than 100 flavors, so our customers enjoy complete freedom to choose their favorite flavor which can range from methanol to tangy flavors. Apart from manufacturing the best flavored e-liquid, our company tends to manufacture the most amazing range of e-juices which are made from 100% natural ingredients and come in tremendous variety of flavors such as cherry, espresso and tobacco etc.

It is not just the huge variety of e-liquid flavors that makes our manufacturing company unique, in fact it is variety of nicotine content in our e-liquids which gives us an edge over our contemporaries. There are ample of chances that you might find a number of websites offering best UK e-liquid but none of them actually tends to give you so many options in terms of available nicotine content. The nicotine content in our in-house UK manufactured e-liquids and e-juice ranges from 0mg to 18mg, thus giving all the users of e-cigs an option to lessen the nicotine content they are inhaling through their cigarettes.

So, no matter you are a traditional smoker aiming to switch over to electronic smoking or are already a seasoned smoker looking for great e-liquid options, offers you wonderful options of e-liquids to choose from which aren’t just highly accredited but are also very affordable.


Although we love the citrus and cocktail e-liquid flavours through the summer, we think it’s time that we gave you a run down of our favourite e-liquid flavours for over the Christmas period.

We’ve some lovely winter warmers to perfectly compliment Christmas food and drink, and warm your cockles over the festive period. We’re going to list our three top e-liquid flavours for the season. ‘Tis the season to be jolly after all.

3. Black Cherry E-Liquid Flavours

The black cherry will perfectly compliment all that chocolate that you’ll be eating over crimbo. What could taste better than cherry chocolate, what’s more, it will go lovely with any dark spirits that take your fancy this Christmas. Our favourite is Whiskey.

2.  Amaretto E-Liquid Flavours

e-liquid flavours

Could there be a drink more wintry than Amaretto? It can always be trusted to warm your cockles and make the winter seem more bearable. So if you’re an Amaretto fan, why not try our e-liquid flavours in Amaretto? It will be sure to get the party started.

1. Mint Chocolate E-Liquid Flavours

Let’s set the scene, you’ve just finished your Christmas Dinner, what could be a more perfect compliment than our mint chocolate e-liquid flavours? Hugely satisfying, but at the same time refreshing, we are sure that this will be the perfect e-liquid flavours for Christmas Day.

So why not get ready for Christmas with one of our fantastic festive flavours. As always you can buy just the one, but it will be cheaper overall if you buy more than one. You can get three e-liquid flavours for just £9.99!

What’s more, we have hundreds of e-cigarette models which would be fantastic for a Christmas present.

The BBC have finally confirmed what we have thought for a long time, they said today ‘The concern electronic cigarettes are a gateway to smoking might be unfounded’ 

Using data from the office of national statistics, the BBC have claimed that fewer than 1 in 300 hundred people who have never smoked currently use e-cigarettes.

e-cigarette statistics

In fact, if anything, the statistics support the rationale that e-cigarettes have caused a fall in the all-round smoking figures.

The BBC said ‘From 2016, the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency is expected to license e-cigarettes as a medicine in the UK.’ Which means that we’re well ahead of the agem when it comes to making sure that Britain is a healthier, smoke-free place. Please refer to this link for more information from the BBC article.

Or to start your own personal stop smoking journey, whith the help of one of our e-cig mods, why not get in touch?


The God Mod | E-Cig Modse-cig mods

Check this out, the almighty God Mod, with more power than almost any other e-cig mods on the market. With a massive 180 watts to boast about, any self respecting vaper should get on their knees and pray to the god e-cig mods. A strong aluminium body ensures that these e-cig mods are durable and long lasting, so that when you are vaping you can feel safe in the knowledge that the mod will be powerful for a very long time. With 180 watts coursing through the body of the God Mod, the strength of vape you get will be like a religious awakening.

Available In A Range of Colours

Available in a range of four colours, silver, red, blue and black, the God Mod is suitable for all e-cig mods users. With it’s large LED digital display, the God Mod allows you to be all seeing and all knowing, when it comes to your personal vaping experience, and the output coming from your God Mod. As one of the largest e-cig mods on the market, you’ll certainly show your style, and we recommend that anyone with a preference for complete control buy this amazing product.

What’s more, as the God Mod accommodates 3 x 18650 batteries, meaning the the length of power you get from these e-cig mods is much longer than others in the range. Imagine just how long you can go without charging your God Mod, with all them batteries!

e-cig modsA Whole Lot Of Power

Along with the God Mod, with its powerful battery and 180 watts, you will also receive a smart, black case and all for only £90! This really is the holy father of e-cig mods, and if you give it a go, you be a believer forever!

Why not truly upgrade your e-cig mods today and buy the almighty God Mod? It’s easy, all you have to do is order online and we’ll get it sent to you straight away. Or you can always call us in store, for more information about the God Mod e-cig mods.



E-Liquid Flavours For Any Night Outbeer e-liquid flavours

Many Smokers only smoke when they’re drinking, and some vapers only vape when they’re drinking. Well we’ve come up with an inspired way of making vaping whilst drinking an all-round tastier experience, with our range of drink e-liquid flavours.

You can match your e-liquid flavours with your drink of choice, as we have so many delicious flavours to choose from. Whether you drink beer, shorts or cocktails, we will have the e-liquid flavours for you in stock. What’s more, we even have soft drink e-liquid flavours on offer!

Multi-Buy E-Liquid Flavours

When you come to Fresh Mist for your e-liquid flavours, you can vape, safe in the knowledge that all our liquids are formulated, developed and made here in Britain. What’s strawberry daiquiri e-liquid flavours more, we even do mix and match. The more e-liquid flavours you buy, the cheaper they are, as with our multi-buy packages, we offer the very best deals. You can buy 3 e-liquid flavours for £10.99, 6 for £18.99, 10 for 28.99 or 20 e-liquid flavours for 53.99, whopping savings.

If you’re a beer drinker, our beer e-liquid flavours are perfect for a night out. Or, if you prefer whiskey or rum, we’ve got them too! Or for the sophisticated cocktail drinker, why not give our strawberry daiquiri flavour a try? Whatever, you’re taste; we’ll have the e-liquid flavours in stock.

Call Or Click To Order

All you have to do is place your order today. We have a fast and efficient delivery service, and when we have received your request, we’ll get your order sent straight to your door, as soon as possible. Why not try our drink e-liquid flavours today? We have the very best e-liquid flavours around at the very best prices. Call in store, order online or give the team a call today, and save yourself some money, with the best e-liquid around.


The Manhattan Mechanical Mods | En Vogue | Uber Femininemechanical mods

The pink gleam of the Manhattan Copper Mechanical Mods make is one of the most feminine mechanical mods in our range. With all the style of Manhattan, in one smooth cylinder, its name really suits it. More than any other of the mechanical mods we have in our range, the Manhattan oozes style and sophistication, which means for a night out on the town or to a romantic meal there is no better accessory.

Moving on from a personal vaping device to more powerful mechanical mods is the natural progression, when you are an experienced vaper but we think that looking good while you vape, is also a part of that. The dusky pink colour of these copper mechanical mods, ensure that they look good, against any colour of lipstick.

Durable and Lightweight

Made out of 100% copper, the Manhattan mechanical mods are durable and lightweight, and what’s more, it will accommodate the 18650 battery, giving you a great amount of power. The walls of these box mods are thick and strong; ensuring that neither wear nor use will cause damage to it.

Many people have the same reservations and problems with using mechanical mods; auto firing. However, when you use the Manhattan mechanical mods, you will realise that there is a magnetic button containing a failsafe, making it impossible for the device to auto fire, when it isn’t being used.

Cheap and Chic

So if you’ve been looking for more feminine and stylish mechanical mods, you need look no further, as the Manhattan will fulfil your every need. Not only will you have more power, a better vape and more control, you’ll also look ‘en vogue while you’re doing it. All of this and for only £29.99! The Manhattan is one of the cheapest, sleekest mechanical mods around!
Why not order online today, as soon as we receive your order, we’ll get your mechanical mods sent out to you sharpish. Or for any more information, call our dedicated team.

The Best For Your E-Cig Liquid

Choosing the correct clearomizer tank for your e-cig is quite important; the clearomizer is one of the most vital parts to make sure that your e-cig is vaping effectively. With the Aspire Nautilus Honeycomb Tank, you can get the very best level of vape. The Aspire Nautilus Honeycomb clearomizer is a more robust tank, and perfect for holding any e-cig liquid. Compared to conventional glass tanks, this is more durable and guaranteed to last longer.
e-cig liquid

We have found that the main problem our customers have with vaping is problems with the clearomizer. Any many find that it is usually the clearomizer that breaks first, however, with a more sturdy version, damage is limited. So why not fill your e-cig liquid with style?

Stainless Steel Tank

The Aspire Nautilus Honeycomb is made from stainless steel so durability is a sure thing. What’s more, this clearomizer fits to the general sized battery, so you can choose any size, shape or price of battery to go with it. However, if for any reason you need to replace the clearomizer, Fresh Mist stock Aspire Nautilus Replacement Tank, and both you can get for just £9.99 each.

nautilus1 As you develop as a more experienced vaper, it will become clear that building your own e-cig and developing a taste for one e-cig liquid is the way to go. Choosing your favourite battery, clearomizer and e-cig liquid is easy with Fresh Mist as our range is huge. What’s more, we always want to make stopping smoking easier and cheaper and our prices reflect this.

Quit Smoking Today

All you have to do to quit smoking today and personalise your vaping experience is get in touch. You can order online the equipment that you need and we’ll get it sent to you straight away. Or why not call an adviser? We’re always here to help you out if you have any questions. What’s more we have thousands of e-cig liquid in stock.

Buy Cloupor T5 E-Cig Modse-cig mods

Spending £89.99 on any e-cig mods may at first seem ridiculous. However, if you crunch the numbers you’ll actually be saving yourself money. On average a pack of 20 cigarettes costs £7, maybe even more and if you are a 20 a day smoker, the cost of the Cloupor T5 50W e-cig mods, amounts to just a week and half worth of cigarettes. And yet this modern and stylish e-cig mods will last much longer.

This particular range of e-cig mods is a powerful one, with a 50W power source. What’s more, the Cloupor T5 50W has an attractive LED display. With a slight bend in the column of this e-cig mods, we have found that our customers have found it to be one of the most comfortable, hand held e-cig mods of its kind.

More Power With Our Mods

With more power, you get more personal, and for your own personal way to vape, this is one of the best on the market. The LED screen blend perfectly with the outside shell which means that until you’re actually vaping, you wouldn’t even realise what it was, it’s that discreet. And the high gloss fincloupor e-cig modsish is second to none.

Making sure that all our customers gets the right e-cig mods when they move on from the starter kit is really important to us, so we always advise that you come in and try the e-cig mods out for yourself. However, there is always the option to buy your Cloupor T5 over the net, and we can ensure the highest of quality. Although if you are not 100% happy with your purchase, you can always send it back.

Contact Us Today

Why not give us a call and talk to one of our advisers today? We’re always on hand to help you out. We’re the very best e-cig mods outlet in the UK, so get in touch.

DNA 30 e-cig modsFor the sleekest of e-cig mods, we would recommend the DNA 30. With a style that closely resembles a phone case or even a perfume bottle, this modern and forward thinking e-cig mods is one of the most attractive in our range. Although we have hundreds of different kinds of e-cigarette styles, we find that the DNA 30 e-cig mods will make you stand out from the crowd.

When moving on from a starter e-cigarette, onto a more personal vaping experience, you want to have the very best, and the DNA 30 e-cig mods are the best by far. With a removable 18650 battery and micro USB charger, you’ll have full power wherever you go. What’s more, the DNA 30 e-cig mods come in three different colours, red, blue and black and a variable wattage ranging between 7W and 30W.

Choosing The Right E-Cig Mods For You

Choosing the right e-cig mods for you is really important, and we always advise that you come and try the e-cig mods out before buying. However if you cannot come to visit us in store, you can always buy your e-cig mods over the net. If you order your vaping equipment online today, we can get them sent out to you straight away. What’s more, if you are not completely happy with the e-cig mods that we send, you are entitled to a full refund.

Discount Prices

At only £64.99 you won’t get the DNA 30 e-cig mods cheaper anywhere else. We are one of the leading distributors of advanced e-cigs in the UK so you can be sure that we will always provide you with the very best service and best procucts, why not get in touch today? Call the shop or make your order of the DNA 30 e-cig mods today.

Menthol E-Liquid Flavours

People have found quitting smoking is helped with a change of flavour from tobacco to menthol. Menthol cigarettes along with chewing gum can help cut out the cigarettes forever.

However, Fresh Mist have an even better way of quitting smoking; menthol e-liquid flavours. Using menthol e-liquid flavours in your e-cig is the smartest and most healthy way to alter your taste away from tobacco. With an e-cigarette and menthol e-liquid flavours you could be smoke-free in no time.

What’s more, here at Fresh Mist the choice of menthol e-liquid flavours is vast. From plain mint and peppermint, to spearmint, we have menthol flavours based on your chosen cigarette brands and even menthol e-liquid flavours that have been mixed with fruit. Whatever the minty flavour you need, we’ll have it in stock. We want to help all of our customer to stay off the cigarettes forever, with the help of our pioneering e-liquid flavours.

E-Liquid Flavours Made In The UKapplemint

You can trust exactly where our e-liquid flavours come from as we manufacturer them here in the UK. Each and every e-liquid is made to health and government standards, which means that when you buy your menthol e-liquid flavours from us, you can trust that not only will they taste good, it’s also a healthier alternative to cigarettes.

As always there are different strengths of nicotine in our e-liquid flavours. From no nicotine at all to 24 mg, we have the perfect e-liquid for you. What;s more, we always have thousands of bottles of e-liquid flavours in stock, so you can buy just the one, or as many as you want. And as we want to save you money and help quitting easier, the more you buy the cheaper they are.

Get In Touch Today

Why not buy your menthol e-liquid flavours today? We have many is stock and we can get them sent out to you straight away. Or contact us, and speak to an adviser about which e-liquid flavours will be the best for you.


Mechanical Mods | Kamry K600mechanical mods

Made from hand carved natural wood, the Kamry K600 is certainly one of the best looking mechanical mods in the world. Popular over the pond and on the continent, the Kamry is designed specifically for comfort in hand held use.
Your hand will fit perfectly around this wooden masterpiece, and you’ll have other vapers looking on in envy as the Kamry far out-smarts most other mechanical mods and certainly better than personal vaporisers.
The Kamry K600 looks more like an antique than one of our mechanical mods, and is carved out of natural wood, therefore it is eco-friendly, and has been treated specifically for use as an e-cigarette. Unlike metal mechanical mods, the Kamry K600 stands out, and at the same time is a disguise.


The Most Natural Of Mechanical ModsFresh Mist - Elegent E-Cigeratte Kit

Here at Fresh Mist, we are one of the only e-cigarette companies in the UK that have the Kamry K600 in stock, so don’t miss out on keeping up to date with the world’s vapers. What’s more, our prices hands down beat those of eany other stockists of the Kamry K600 as we deal directly with the manufacturers.
With the Kamry K600, not only do you get the most comfortable, handheld vaping experience, there is also a massive power capacity. As with mechanical mods, you expect more power, and the Kamry K600 prvides that and more with a 18650 electronic cigarette battery and a 2000mah, providing more using time.
As always with mechanical mods from Fresh Mist, the Kamry K600 is fitted with a no leaking atomizer, which means those who are used to heavier smoking or vaping can be satisfied. To top it all off, the Kamry K600 comes with a zip case, to easy store your mechanical mods when not in use.

Get In Touch With Fresh Mist Today

Why not get in touch today, to upgrade your mechanical mods to the Kamry K600. Make an order online, and we’ll get it sent out to you straight away.

Thousands of e-Cigarette Liquids

What’s better than a weekend? A weekend full of discounts!

If you’re a vaper, a regular Fresh Mist customer or you’ve decided to give quitting a try with the help of an e-cigarette, why not try it this weekend? If you buy any of our products this weekend, you are guaranteed 18% off when you enter WEEKEND18 at the checkout. What could be better than quitting smoking and saving some cash!!
Buying your e-cigs, e-cigarette liquids and mechanical mods online has never been easier, or cheaper! All you have to do is have a browse of our site and choose what you need, to satisfy your vaping needs or to start vaping today. Fresh Mist are the very best distributor of e-cigs and e-cigarette liquids, so why not get in touch.

e-cigarette liquids

Weekend Offers

We have thousands of e-cigarette liquids to choose from, in different flavours and strengths, so you can choose the exact thing that you need, with an 18% discount from it. What’s more, the bigger your order the bigger the discount! Whether you want a tobacco flavour, menthol, sweet or fruity, we have many in stock for your perusal.
What’s more, when you come to us to buy e-cigarette liquids, you can be sure that each and every one is healthy, and has been produced here in the UK. We make sure that all our e-cigarette liquids are formulated here in Britain, meaning that we are sure of what they are made from, natural ingredients.


Quote WEEKEND18 For An 18% Discount

So why not save yourself some cash this weekend, and quote WEEKEND18 when you check out online. We have hundreds of e-cigs and thousands of e-cigarette liquids in stock. Or why not give us a call and speak to an adviser.

Innokin e-Cigarette Range

innokin e-cigarette

Innokie Lily E-cigarette

Here at Fresh Mist, we are one of leading distributors of the Innokin e-cigarette range. Innokin currently designs four different e-cigarettes, the iTaste, iClear, CoolFire and the Lily. Founded in 2009, Innokin design some of the best Advanced Personal Vaporizers in the world, making e-cigarettes more environmentally friendly, than their disposable counterparts.
We sell all the Innokin e-cigarette range, and even stock the Swarovski crystal encrusted Lily, the brand new creation from Innokin. So if you have been looking for a branded advanced e-cigarette, with a little bit of pizzazz, why not get in touch with Fresh Mist today.

The Innokin Lily Swarovski Crystal


Sometimes, we want a bit of sparkle in our lives, and although plain e-cigarettes are great on a day to day basis, if you’re going out, and need some glamour, why not invest in one of the Innokin Lily range.
For the reduced price of £42.99 you could be vaping in style! For this price, the Lily Swarovski Crystal comes with a 350 mAh polymer Li‐Ion rechargeable battery, 2 mouthpieces, encrusted with Swarovski Crystals, 4 atomizers and Cartridges, a USB charger and pipette bottle. What’s more, the Lily comes in a range of different colours, including pink to make the boys wink!

Innokin iTaste Cool Fire II

Innokin e-cigarette

Cool Fire II

For the more masculine vaper, there is always the iTaste Cool Fire II. Designed to resemble a hand grenade, the Cool Fire II is available in both black and khaki. For under £50, the Cool Fire II will be sure to appeal to those who want to make their vaping experience a more personal one, especially those with a military style.

For £49.99 the Cool Fire II comes with an iClear30B Dual Coil Clearomizer with rotatable stainless steel drip tip, along with the presentable box and owner’s manual. There is an LED Battery Power Display, a low voltage warning and battery safety protection.
So if you want to make your vaping experience more exciting, why not invest in one of the amazing Innokin ranges. We can get your e-cigarette sent out to you today.

Mechanical Mods | The Stingray

mechanical mods

The Stingray comes in rainbow, copper and gold.

Although mechanical mods it would seem are the future of vaping, there are many models that are bulky, big and unattractive, although they do allow for a more powerful vape. However, Fresh Mist would like to introduce the more streamline, mechanical mods in our collection. Presenting The Stingray.
The Stingray is a compact mod, measuring in at only 22mm in diameter. As we try and make vaping a more personal and comfortable experience, our mechanical mods are becoming more streamline and comfortable to use.

Safety With The Stingray

As you may be aware, some mechanical mods don’t have the safety features that personal vaping devices have, allowing the vaper more control over the way thy vape, and therefore you may have heard the dangers with mechanical mods. However, with The Stingray Clone 3, there is a locking ring, which is included in the package to prevent accidental firing.
Many people have avoided before, moving on to mechanical mods, because of the size, the danger and the design. However, all of these are eradicated with The Stingray; it is compact, safe and even comes in a range of colours.

Everything The Stingray Has To Offer

What’s more the power within your Stingray can be altered as the package comes with an additional extension tube, with canaccommodate 18350 and 18650 batteries. And with this particular mechanical mods, there is very low voltage loss. What’s more, there is an adjustable firing button, which makes more robust button switches are an option.

mechanical mods

the copper stingray

The Stingray Clone 3 is one of the more sophisticated mechanical mods we have on offer here at Fresh Mist, and what’s more, it will only set your back £29.99. Choose from your copper, gold or rainbow, and spice up your vaping experience with one of the fantastic Stingray mechanical mods.

Posted by in News on 22nd October 2014

Do It Yourself e-Cig Liquide-cig liquid

Most vapers choose their favourite e-cig liquid and stick to it, just as smokers usually stick to only one brand of cigarette. We are creatures of comfort after all. And if you used to smoke one brand of cigarette, it is likely that you will vape with an e-cig liquid that is most similar to that brand.
However, have you ever thought about mixing it up a little bit. Literally? Here at Fresh Mist we he have the components that you need to create your own e-cig liquid. You could create a perfect e-liquid for you, with our products.


Which Components Do I Need?

Within any e-cig liquid there is a percentage of nicotine, a propylene glycol or vegetable glycerine base diluting chemical and a flavouring of your choosing. All of these components are available from Fresh Mist, at a fraction of the price you would pay elsewhere.

The Nicotine

The Nicotine is the part of the e-cig liquid that mostly helps ex-smokers to stay off the fags. If you choose to use our DIY e-cig liquid kits, you can choose the amount of nicotine and the

strength of the chemical that you are using. Our nicotine formula is of an MHRA standard.


The Basepg

As a diluting agent for the nicotine, you should use propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine. These chemicals work to dilute the nicotine, giving you an even balance and a smooth vaping experience. As a guide, many e-cig liquids are used with mixing 80% propylene glycol with 20% vegetable glycerine.

The Flavour

Finally, you can choose your flavour. Or, if you’re a little bit more adventurous, you can mix some flavours to create your own personal vaping experience.

Saving You Money

If you choose to create your own e-cig liquid, you will inevitably save money. As you can buy the base and the nicotine in 500 ml. This means that instead of already mixed e-cig liquids you can create the perfect combination for you, at a smaller price.
Get in touch with Fresh Mist today and order your DIY e-cig liquid now.

Fruity E-Liquid Flavours

There are many e-liquid flavours available, but our British made fruity e-liquid flavours by far the best around. We have created and formulated a range if e-liquid flavours which most closely clone those flavours they are designed to resemble. Whether you want a citrusy flavour, banana or apple, we have the perfect liquid in stock for your perfect vaping experience.

fruity e-liquid flavours

Moving on from a tobacco flavour to a fruity flavour can sometimes be the decider between smoking and quitting, as when you move on from a tobacco based flavour you are moving even further away from smoking cigarettes. What’s more the taste is fantastic and will leave you with a fruity taste in your mouth for ages.

Give Up Smoking Today

If you have been thinking about giving up smoking, why not take the leap today? We have e-liquid ranging in strengths, from 0mg to 18mg, so even though youe-liquid flavours might still be getting the same hit of a cigarette, the taste is fresher and tastier. What’s more, if you already vape with fruity e-liquid flavours, why not move on to our brand new e-liquid formulas? Our e-liquid flavours are all designed in line with current health laws.



Giving up smoking today will obviously improve your health, but it will also improve your finances. Our new e-liquid flavours are not only created in Britain, but you can buy bundles of them here online or in store for low prices. We want every single customer that comes to Freshmist to quit smoking to get the help and encouragement that they deserve, and selling our e-liquid flavours at such a low price, how can you resist?

Vaping Fruity

Why not move on to fruity e-liquid flavours today? We have many different flavours in stock, so why don’t you have a look at our e-liquid flavours page now. You could be up and vaping in no time.
You can always call us or visit our store as well or reach us on Facebook.

Buy E-Liquid Wholesale

If you have been vaping for a while, you’ll know that buying e-cig liquid singularly can end up costing a fortune. However, here at Freshmist, we now offer e-liquid wholesale! Buying your e-cig liquid in bulk can save you time; what’s more, you can buy your e-liquid at the wholesalers price, a significant reduction from the prices of normal retailers.
If you know which e-cig liquid you smoke, you can buy massive amounts at low, low prices. Vaping with Freshmist is simple, as having huge quantities of e-liquid wholesale to hand, at home, is even simpler than popping to the shop for some cigarettes!

e cig liquid wholesale


Low Prices For E-cig Liquid

We sell e-liquid wholesale, as we know that the low prices will keep customers coming back. What’s more, with Freshmist you can guarantee quality e-cig liquid as we develop and formulate all of our liquids here in the UK. Unlike our competitors in the market, who will buy e-liquid wholesale suppliers from the far east, we want to make sure that every single customers know exactly what they are vaping.
Why not have a look at our website, as the range of e-cig liquid flavours we have is extensive. Whether you’re giving up smoking and vape with tobacco flavours, or you prefer something a little bit sweeter, whatever flavour we have got it at vape liquid wholesale uk price.

A Range of Flavours

The price you pay to vape significantly reduces your smoking bills each week anyway, so why not reduce them furtbulk e liquid ukher, and buy e-liquid wholesale from Freshmist. Available in a range of flavours, and suitable for any e-cigarette, why not give us a call or order the product online.
We have strict health and quality control in place, ensuring we provide an A grade product and at a low price. Buy e-liquid wholesale and get vaping.

mechanical mods

After being the biggest alternative to smoking over the past few years, vaping is now moving into a newer, better phase. When our customers come to Fresh Mist as a regular, experienced vaper, we will now advise that you begin to make your vaping more personal. Although starter kits and ready built e-cigarettes are great for newcomers to the phenomenon, we know that when you have been vaping for many months or even years, it’s time for an upgrade. It’s time for mechanical e-cig mods.

Not only does the design of your e-cigarette have to be tailored to you, it is also important, that when you smoke your e-cigarette, the strength and duration of your vaping can be completely your choice.

e-cig mods

Fresh Mist’s Mechanical Mods

Unlike traditional and starter e-cigarettes, or personal vaporisers, mechanical mods allow the user to have much more control. Within a traditional e-cigarettes, there is a chip, which controls the heat and prevents short circuiting. This can cause accidents to happen.

However, if you are an experienced vaper of e-cigarettes, you may want more control of the device you are using. Although, it may take much more thought, if you have been vaping for a while, mechanical mods should come easier to you. What’s more, they look fantastic!

Advantages of Mechanical E-cig Mods

However the biggest advantage of mechanical e-cig mods is due to its lack if certain hard-wiring. As the traditional e-cigarette is all wired together, it makes it more vulnerable to breaking, however in mechanical mods, the power is straight from the battery, meaning that there is a constant stream of power.

Why not have a look at Fresh Mists mechanical mods today. Start moving into the future of vaping, control your own vaping experience.

Vaping At An All Time High. Smoking At An All Time Low

The Guardian reported yesterday that smoking has fallen to an all-time low. Since records on the habit began in the 1940s, the percentage of smokers in 2012 was 19.8% and fell to 18.7% in 2013. The article also said ‘The drop in smoking also shows that the use of electronic cigarettes would lead to the renormalisation of tobacco use appear unfounded. The rapid increase in the use of these products has coincided with a consistent steady decline in smoking.’


The newspaper went on to comment that Ash (Action on Smoking and Health) estimated that ‘2.1 million people in the UK now use e-cigarettes, almost entirely current or ex-smokers.’

Quit Today With Fresh Mist UK

If it has been at the back of your mind this Stop-tober, or even for longer. All you have to do is give it a go. It’s really easy to start vaping, and we have even formulated e-cigarette liquids which are the most similar in taste to cigarettes than any other brand. The statistics say it all. As vaping becomes more popular, the amount of smokers has decreased in the UK. Wouldn’t you like to become a ex-smoker.

Not only will you save thousands of pounds every year, you can also vape in many public buildings, meaning no more getting caught in the rain. But the most important thing is, your health will improve ten-fold.


Stub it out and charge it up

E-Cigarettes cut out tar and tobacco, two of the main causes of lung cancer and heart attacks in the UK, and although the nicotine is still there, this can be controlled and eventually reduced.

So give it a go today. Take a look at our starter kits and flavours, and get vaping.

e-cigarette starter kit

British E-Liquid Flavours

Home-grown. Organic. Britishe-cigarette liquid

These are three of the words associated with quality British products. Trusting the goods that you buy are from a reputable source is something we Brits have become more and more concerned with over the years. Very rarely are these words applied to e-cigs.  However, we have found that one of the main reasons people will not try to quit smoking, with the help of an e-cigarette is that e-cigarette liquid has not been produced in the UK.

That’s all about to change.


Pioneering E-Cigarette Liquid Creation

Here at Freshmist, we have pioneered a new strategy in which the e-liquid flavours that we sell are formulated, mixed and created here in Britain. We have been working hard to make sure that our secret formula, creates the best e-liquid flavours around.

Our professional mixologists only use the very best flavour and nicotine extracts, ensuring that not only does the e-liquid flavours have the tastiest flavours, but that you also get the kick that you need.

Making sure your e-cigarette liquids are a perfect match to your needs is one of our main priorities, here at Freshmist, and so we are steadily growing our range of British e-liquid flavours, to match everybody’s needs. We have e-liquid flavours in fruity, sweet, menthol and traditional tobacco flavours, ranging in strength from 0mg-18mg.

e-liquid flavours
e-liquid flavours

e-liquid flavours


Buy Cheap E-Cigarette Liquid Online

At the fantastic price of just £3.99 per bottle, you can’t go wrong with our British e-liquid flavours. We also do fab bundles, which include three e-liquid flavours for £10.99, six e-cigarette liquids for £18.99 or 10 liquids for just £28.99. You could save a fortune!

You can order in store or online here, and if you’re in the UK your order should be with you within 2-3 days. You could be one step closer to giving up smoking for good, with the help of Freshmist.


The number of people using e-cigarettes in the UK is expected to reach a million this year but while some believe the electronic alternative to tobacco could help save hundreds of thousands of lives others think they normalise what looks like smoking and may be unsafe.

Anyone walking into a busy pub in Manchester may well be confronted with a rather shocking sight.

At one table it looks like a group of friends are smoking, but there is no smell in the air and no ashtrays on the table. What they are using are e-cigarettes.

One of the women, Steph, says the e-cigarette has helped her to stop smoking.

“I’ve tried patches and inhalators,” she says. “They’re a lot better because you feel like you’re having a cigarette.”

“They’re a great idea,” says another woman, Lisa. “You’ve got the health benefits from it and it does taste like a cigarette.”

The e-cigarette comes in two parts.

In one end there is liquid nicotine, in the other a rechargeable battery and an atomiser. When the user sucks, the liquid nicotine is vaporised and absorbed through the mouth. What looks like smoke is largely water vapour.

Because there is no tobacco in e-cigarettes, there is no tar and it is the tar in ordinary cigarettes that kills.

Safety concerns

The e-cigarette market is growing fast. A survey by the charity Action on Smoking and Health (ASH) suggests 700,000 people in the UK were using e-cigarettes last year.

The charity estimates that number will reach a million in 2013 and some medical experts see huge potential benefits.

“Nicotine itself is not a particularly hazardous drug,” says Professor John Britton, who leads the tobacco advisory group for the Royal College of Physicians.

“It’s something on a par with the effects you get from caffeine.

“If all the smokers in Britain stopped smoking cigarettes and started smoking e-cigarettes we would save 5 million deaths in people who are alive today. It’s a massive potential public health prize.”

There are however concerns about the safety and regulation of e-cigarettes.

They can legally be sold to children. There are few restrictions on advertising. Critics say some of the adverts glamorise something that looks like smoking.

Unlike patches and gum, e-cigarettes are not regulated like medicines. It means there are no rules for example about the purity of the nicotine in them.

Regulation call

So are e-cigarettes safe?

“The simple answer is we don’t know,” says Dr Vivienne Nathanson from the British Medical Association (BMA).

“It’s going to take some time before we do know because we need to see them in use and study very carefully what the effects of e-cigarettes are.”

The BMA is just one of the bodies to respond to a consultation on e-cigarettes by the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency. The agency is deciding whether the e-cigarettes should be licensed as a medicine and more tightly regulated. The BMA thinks they should.

“I would either take them off the shelves or I would very heavily regulate them so that we know the contents of each e-cigarette were very fixed,” says Dr Nathanson.

E-cigarettes are currently classed as a general consumer product and regulated by trading standards. It means they cannot contain hazardous chemicals, for example, and that the battery in them must meet EU standards.

The trade association for e-cigarettes, the Electronic Cigarette Industry Trade Association, says they make no medicinal claims for their product. It is sold merely as an alternative to ordinary cigarettes.

Attempts to classify e-cigarettes as a medicinal product have been made in Holland and Germany but the industry successfully overturned the decisions in court.

Workplace etiquette

One UK based distributor, called VIP, says over stringent regulation could see them go out of business. Nonetheless Andy Whitmore, the company’s marketing director, said it would “welcome regulation that ensures the product can’t be sold to anyone under the age of 18”.

There are many other questions. For example, should using e-cigarettes be allowed in a public place? At the offices of UK Fast – an internet storage company – employees can use them at their desk.

“It’s a tricky one,” says the company’s chief executive officer, Lawrence Jones.

“It does look like smoking but could you stop someone from chewing a pencil or biting their nails? I don’t think there’s any difference between going for a caffeine break and having a nicotine break.”

Other companies have banned it. But in theory electronic cigarettes can be used anywhere – on planes, trains, in hospitals.

The BMA is worried that the more people start using e-cigarettes the more it will normalise something that looks like smoking. They have called for the ban on smoking in public places to be extended to e-cigarettes.

A decision on whether the regulation of electronic cigarettes should be tightened will be made in a few weeks.

Figures released by health charity ASH on the day the ASA’s consultation on the advertising of electronic cigarettes closes reveal that usage of electronic cigarettes among adults in Britain has tripled over the past two years from an estimated 700,000 users in 2012 to 2.1 million in 2014. Nearly two-thirds of users are smokers and one third are ex-smokers, an increase in the proportion of ex-smokers compared to previous years. Once again, current use of electronic cigarettes amongst self-reported non-smokers is negligible (0.1%) and only around 1% of never smokers report ever trying electronic cigarettes.

The YouGov survey, commissioned by ASH, reveals a dramatic rise in the number of current and ex-smokers who have tried electronic cigarettes over the past four years. In 2010, only 8.2 per cent of current or ex-smokers had ever tried electronic cigarettes. By 2014, this figure had risen to 51.7 per cent.

There has been a consistent rise in the number of current smokers who use electronic cigarettes on a regular basis from 2.7 per cent in 2010 to 17.7 per cent in 2014.

Just over a third (35%) of British adults believe that electronic cigarettes are good for public health while around a quarter (22%) disagree.

For the first time, the ASH YouGov survey asked about the type of electronic cigarette commonly used. Over a half of electronic cigarette users started off using rechargeable electronic cigarettes with prefilled cartridges, with only one in four starting by using cigarettes with a tank or reservoir. But amongst current users the balance is more evenly split with 47% most often using rechargeable e-cigarettes with prefilled cartridges and 41% using rechargeable devices with a separate tank. Only 20% started off using disposable electronic cigarettes and only 8% most often use disposable e-cigs currently.

There are a variety of reasons given by current and ex-smokers for why they use or have tried electronic cigarettes. Among current users of electronic cigarettes:

• The main reasons given by ex-smokers are “to help me stop smoking entirely” (71%) and “to help me keep off tobacco” (48%).
• The main reason given by current smokers is to “help me reduce the amount of tobacco I smoke, but not stop completely” (48%) followed by “to save money compared with smoking tobacco” (37%); and “to help me stop smoking entirely” (36%).

Deborah Arnott, Chief Executive of health charity ASH said:

“The dramatic rise in use of electronic cigarettes over the past four years suggests that smokers are increasingly turning to these devices to help them cut down or quit smoking. Significantly, usage among non-smokers remains negligible.

While it is important to control the advertising of electronic cigarettes to make sure children and non-smokers are not being targeted, there is no evidence from our research that e-cigarettes are acting as a gateway into smoking.”

A separate ongoing survey – the Smoking Toolkit Study carried out in England – has also found that smokers are increasingly using electronic cigarettes as an aid to quitting, overtaking use of medicinal nicotine products such as patches and gum. [4] The proportion of smokers who have quit in the last year has increased and smoking rates in England are continuing to fall.

Commenting on the findings, leader of the study, Professor Robert West, said:

“Despite claims that use of electronic cigarettes risks renormalizing smoking, we found no evidence to support this view. On the contrary, electronic cigarettes may be helping to reduce smoking as more people use them as an aid to quitting.”