What type of e-cigarette batteries are there?

What type of e cigarette batteries are there. | Freshmist

There are generally two types of batteries, these include an integrated battery which is commonly seen in starter electronic cigarettes, and then removable batteries, which are found in box mods and more complex e-cigarettes.

Integrated E-Cigarette Batteries

Like any other battery out there, e-Cigarette batteries require a good charging after they’ve been depleted. Charging an e-Cig battery is simple enough: you just have to connect it to a power source. Generally, this is done by using a USB charging adapter to plug the battery into your computer. There are also wall chargers and AC adapters that can be useful in charging your e-Cig on the go or just through a wall outlet. Integrated batteries are built into your vaping device and cannot be removed or replaced.

Removable Batteries

These type of batteries are more commonly found in more advanced e-cigarettes. Removable batteries can sometimes be charged within the device itself, but more often an external battery charger is used to charge the batteries.

So make sure that you buy the right battery for your e-cigarette. You can speak to one of our advisers or look through one of the ranges of e-cigarette batteries online. You won’t find such quality batteries for your e-cigarette anywhere else, so get in touch.

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