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A good e cigarette battery will provide hours of power
Here’s where you’ll find all our e cig battery products.

At Fresh Mist, we stock a wide range of e cigarette battery types, from standard e cig batteries, perfect for powering basic e cigarettes, through to more advanced types, such as variable voltage, variable wattage and even batteries suitable for use with mechanical mods.
Why is a good e cig battery important?
Put simply, without an e cigarette battery, your e cig will not be able to function! For an unbeatable vaping experience, choose a good battery from Fresh Mist. A good e cig battery will allow you to vape all day. Whether you’re using the ego style electronic cigarette or IMR batteries, having a quality battery will give you more power, more vapour and a better overall taste.

Looking for something else? Check out our e cigarette kits, which include both e cigarette starter kits and advanced e cig kits.

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E cig battery products

Ego Twist 1300mAh Battery