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The Stingray comes in rainbow, copper and gold.

Although mechanical mods it would seem are the future of vaping, there are many models that are bulky, big and unattractive, although they do allow for a more powerful vape. However, Fresh Mist would like to introduce the more streamline, mechanical mods in our collection. Presenting The Stingray.
The Stingray is a compact mod, measuring in at only 22mm in diameter. As we try and make vaping a more personal and comfortable experience, our mechanical mods are becoming more streamline and comfortable to use.

Safety With The Stingray

As you may be aware, some mechanical mods don’t have the safety features that personal vaping devices have, allowing the vaper more control over the way thy vape, and therefore you may have heard the dangers with mechanical mods. However, with The Stingray Clone 3, there is a locking ring, which is included in the package to prevent accidental firing.
Many people have avoided before, moving on to mechanical mods, because of the size, the danger and the design. However, all of these are eradicated with The Stingray; it is compact, safe and even comes in a range of colours.

Everything The Stingray Has To Offer

What’s more the power within your Stingray can be altered as the package comes with an additional extension tube, with canaccommodate 18350 and 18650 batteries. And with this particular mechanical mods, there is very low voltage loss. What’s more, there is an adjustable firing button, which makes more robust button switches are an option.

mechanical mods

the copper stingray

The Stingray Clone 3 is one of the more sophisticated mechanical mods we have on offer here at Fresh Mist, and what’s more, it will only set your back £29.99. Choose from your copper, gold or rainbow, and spice up your vaping experience with one of the fantastic Stingray mechanical mods.