clk1280Energy is a factor which drives many aspects of life. Human gathers energy to perform the tasks effectively and so are the devices which need energy to function properly. When our mobiles, tabs and laptops are charged whole day to give the best output then why not the cigarette starter? Innokin has introduced an advanced electronic cigarette starter that has a battery which can be charged.

Unlike other starters available in the market iTaste CLK! 1280 do not come with a replaceable battery. It has a battery of 1280mAh which gets charged using a USB port. So even if you are not having its charger with you then you can get it charged by connecting it through any USB port.

Voltage: With an adjustable voltage range of 3.5 to 5 volts this device can save the power when not required. If you prefer low flame of vapor then you can lower down its voltage with the help of wheel on the base of this device. While you are adjusting the wheel you will hear an audible click to confirm the rotation. This will consume less battery if operating on lower voltage and vice versa. And if the battery is running out then its voltage automatically steps down to the lower side to serve for long duration.

Indicators: Just like your Bluetooth and portable devices have an indicator to display the battery percentage this device has colored indicators to show the same. It has green, yellow and red LED lights to display the remaining battery. Green denotes that it is fully charged whereas red denotes low power and yellow is the medium or the half battery reflector. When the battery is fully charged then it stops drawing power from the source and also when it is discharged then it automatically gets off.

Power on and off: It is a device which can prove harmful for the operator if not used properly. Therefore to power on iTaste CLK! 1280 you have to press the start button three times and after it is on you have to hold on the power button to activate the flame. To off its power you have to press the power button again three times. This is because if it is in hand of a child mistakenly then it should not harm the person who is in possession of it. It is advised to power it off when it is not in use or if you are keeping this in your bag or purse or pocket because any mishandling can prove dangerous.

This product is available at very reasonable prices and along with a 30 day guarantee. It is available in three smashing colors namely white, pink and black. So now you can carry your portable cigarette starter anywhere without worrying about its battery. It is highly advanced vaporizer as it gives an indication of every alteration made to it. You can own this intermediary kit to enrich your experience. Even if you are not a smoker then even you can carry this stylish device to offer to others!


smydAre you looking to buy electronic cigarettes? Well, there are so many brands selling flavoured electronic cigarettes with whole lot of exaggerated promises. It is hard to find the best one unless you have acquired an experience yourself. However, if you are in dilemma in finding the choicest products in the market, here is a suggestion following which you will never regret the decision. The Simeiyue 180s God Mod is the leading watt mod seller in the market having acquired premium recognition for outstanding quality.

Features and Specifications

Metallic Body: The God Mod comes in a stylish aluminium finish to allow convenient dissipation of heat during long duration usage.

LED Screen: The LED screen on this electronic cigarette body is enhanced with blue OLED display revealing the puff counter.

Adjustments: This electronic vape product comes with a series of settings options that offer supreme safety for the user alongside the satisfaction of long-term usage. You can choose to power modes at regular power mode (0 to 80watt) and super power mode (80 to 180watt) depending upon your requirement of smoke intensity. For stronger vapes, switch to the super power mode. Besides this, there is automatic firing mode, automatic ohm resistance meter and much more. The VV and VW adjustability options have been provided to suit your preferences.

Automatic Shut Off: Based on your preference you can turn on or off the automatic shut off button that will stop the electronic cigarette liquid burning to produce smoke after a specific period.

Batteries and Charging: The product comes with the USB charger and 3, 18650 batteries (sold separately). The presence of 3 batteries is quite rare making this the most powerful e-cig mod in the global market. Forget switching batteries, frequent charging, and keep enjoying the unbeatable vaping experience without any obstruction.

Advanced Mechanism for Safe and Hassle-Free Usage

Simeiyue 180s God Mod (Version 3) is highly recognized for its improved and modernized technology featured with supreme safety enhancements. The device comes with a locking device that prevents any sort of misfire incidents during the use for optimum safety. The propriety module chip of 180 watt offers a cooling system to eliminate the chances of glitches with the temperature and heat sensor installed in the e-cigarette.

The protection of the user is on the prime concern for the manufacturers. With this prime concern, the product has been designed with low resistance and voltage protection, shot circuit preventive technology, and safety against big currents and temperatures.

The God Mod comes with an astonishing electronic cigarette starter kit with USB chargers, 3 18650 batteries, protective travel case, and user manual with step-by-step instructions, and other essential electronic cigarette accessories.

Last but not the least; it is worth mentioning the design and styling elements. The buyers can choose from five different color options including Gray, Orange, Red, Black, and Blue. The product is lightweight and hence suitable for carrying while on long distance journeys with fully charged batteries.

5If you were thinking about upgrading your MOD lately and were confused about what product you should invest into then, your dilemma might get solved today. There is literally a flood of clearomizer and vaporizers in the e-cigs market today but there are just a handful of products that manage to grab your attention and Innokin itaste SVD 2.0 combo kit is definitely one of them. This product is the latest addition to the kitty of amazing clearomizer and itaste kits launched by Innokin and Evolv and is advertised as the next generation MOD loaded with advanced features, unbeatable power and unmatchable durability.

If you thought that your routine MOD had the best features and flexibility with regards to power and voltage, you definitely need to think again because the Innokin SVD 2.0 combo starter kit is launched with an aim to redefine the already established standards in the MOD starter kit industry lately. The Itaste SVD 2.0 kit contains just everything to ensure you an outstanding vaping experience and has upgraded features as compared to the previous SVD model that had made several waves in the vaping market already. There are in fact a number of cool features in this newly launched powerful product that makes it a next-generation ultra-intelligent vaping device.

To begin with, the SVD 2.0 comes in a sleek body that is quite attractive and looks great in one’s hands. The size of this SVD has been appropriately designed as it easily fits into the palms of the hand without giving an alien feeling. This product from Innokin comes with 2 control buttons and an LCD display located at the side which definitely makes it a smart and extremely user friendly device. The SVD 2.0 is equipped with a DNA microchip and has a variable voltage MOD feature and both these features give a perfect chance to the user of this product to play with the voltage and power of the device.

Key features

  • New Stepdown technolog
    • The Innokin Itaste 2.0 combo kit is loaded with the latest Stepdown technology which gives you the option to experience the blissful low wattage vaping sessions. With the help of this advanced and path-breaking technology, you can take the power of your clearomizer to as low as 5 watts.
  • Travel friendly
    • When you possess an SVD 2.0 combo kit, you’d never miss your vaping while travelling from one place to another because this combo kit comes with a number of features that make this device travel-friendly. SVD 2.0 comes with a travel case, power level checker, charger ego threaded top caps and batteries that make it possible for you to take this device wherever you feel like.
  • Limited period warranty
  • The SVD 2.0 combo kit comes with a 30 day limited period warranty which means you can always go for a quick replacement of your device in case you aren’t satisfied with the product which is a wonderful feature as well.

If you are looking for a smart, powerful and extremely user friendly clearomizer combo-kit then your search surely ends on Innokin itaste SVD 2.0 combo kit which is available at the most pocket friendly price at

freshliquid1There isn’t an iota of doubt that e-cigs have simply revolutionized the way people envisaged and conceptualized smoking in the recent times. With the advent of number of vaping options, thousands of people got rid of the awful habit of smoking and resorted to much more sophisticated and less harmful form of vaping. No matter what e-cigarette you are using or planning to use, one thing that surely determines the quality of your vaping is the e-liquid that one uses. E-liquid is actually the liquid that is used in the cartridge of the e-cigarette device and consists mainly of 3 components namely- agent to produce vapour, nicotine and special taste for giving unique flavour to one’s vaping experience.

Since e-liquid plays such a major role in determining the taste and flavour of one’s vaping experience, one must exercise a lot of caution and precision in choosing the same. If you are looking for the best e-liquids that don’t just possess unmatchable quality but are also available in various flavours then, you surely need to visit the best online e-liquid store Freshmist is one of the leading online manufacturers and vendors in the field of e-cigarettes and other related products. We have an endless variety of e-liquids and e-juices that are bound to take your vaping experience to another level.

At Freshmist, we know that different people using e-cigs and vaporizers have different priorities with regards to nicotine content in their e-liquids. This is the reason; one may find e-liquids and e-juices that have varied nicotine contents ranging from 0-18 mg on our website, thereby suiting the needs of all kinds of smokers and e-cig users. There are more than 100 flavours of e-liquids available on our website and all of them are manufactured in United Kingdom and as soon as you place your order for your favourite e-liquid, we dispatch your order within the same day without any delays. The beauty of our e-liquid delivery service is that it is quick and extremely pocket friendly, thereby ensuring that you experience nothing but the best of e-liquids under all circumstances.

So, don’t waste your precious time and money on e-liquids and juices that are low on quality and content, visit Freshmist today and choose your favourite flavour from our humungous range of e-liquids available at our online e-liquid store.

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istick box modWith the growing health concerns related to smoking tobacco more and more people are switching over to e cigarettes. More than one fifth of smokers have been successfully able to quit smoking by changing to e cigarettes. The e cigarettes are a tobacco free product which makes use of vaporisers to heat up a fluid which is then turned to vapour and inhaled. The istick is one such device which can help you check and ultimately get rid of your smoking habits. An istick comes in a compact size and sleek design and its metallic finish gives it a very elegant look. They are available in four different colours red, blue, black and silver and their sleek design and compact size has made it a very covetable item for all smokers willing to quit.

The istick comes with a 0.8″ OLED display screen which shows the condition of the battery, the voltage and wattage and resistance.  Its variable voltage feature makes sure that the device can be adjusted from 3.0 V to 7.1V with 0.1 V increments. It also features variable wattage which can be easily adjusted between 2.0W to 20.0W with 0.1 increments. In order to turn the device on or off you need to press the square button repeatedly for 5 times. Once the battery is switched on you need to press the square button 3 times repeatedly in order to switch the VV/VW mode. Its variable voltage option gives you complete protection against low voltage and short circuit. The micro usb charging more makes sure that you can charge it up very easily so that you never get stranded without your kit. If you are a non smoker then make a gift of istick to your smoker friends and help them to get out of the clutches of tobacco.

The istick is one of the most sought after e cigarette devices in the market and its tiny size makes sure that it fits into your palm or your pocket. Its 3.0 V to 7.1V voltage control which helps influencing the temperature and taste will help you control the voltage according to your smoking habits. Its quick charging speed ensures that you never have to crave for a puff again. The comfortable weight and sophisticated design of the istick has made it a very desirable item among smokers who are trying to quit. You will get to know about the condition of the battery, voltage and resistance on the .8’’ OLED display. Its size is less than half of your smart phone so that it can fit inside your pocket easily. The look of istick is so concise and graceful that most people won’t believe that its just an e cig. The product is compatible with a vast range of atomizers and e liquid tanks. If you are a smoker trying to quit his habits, then you would well with the all new istick from Freshmist. If you have any doubts or queries about the product then feel free to call the customer care helpline of FreshMist.

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