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The God Mod | E-Cig Modse-cig mods

Check this out, the almighty God Mod, with more power than almost any other e-cig mods on the market. With a massive 180 watts to boast about, any self respecting vaper should get on their knees and pray to the god e-cig mods. A strong aluminium body ensures that these e-cig mods are durable and long lasting, so that when you are vaping you can feel safe in the knowledge that the mod will be powerful for a very long time. With 180 watts coursing through the body of the God Mod, the strength of vape you get will be like a religious awakening.

Available In A Range of Colours

Available in a range of four colours, silver, red, blue and black, the God Mod is suitable for all e-cig mods users. With it’s large LED digital display, the God Mod allows you to be all seeing and all knowing, when it comes to your personal vaping experience, and the output coming from your God Mod. As one of the largest e-cig mods on the market, you’ll certainly show your style, and we recommend that anyone with a preference for complete control buy this amazing product.

What’s more, as the God Mod accommodates 3 x 18650 batteries, meaning the the length of power you get from these e-cig mods is much longer than others in the range. Imagine just how long you can go without charging your God Mod, with all them batteries!

e-cig modsA Whole Lot Of Power

Along with the God Mod, with its powerful battery and 180 watts, you will also receive a smart, black case and all for only £90! This really is the holy father of e-cig mods, and if you give it a go, you be a believer forever!

Why not truly upgrade your e-cig mods today and buy the almighty God Mod? It’s easy, all you have to do is order online and we’ll get it sent to you straight away. Or you can always call us in store, for more information about the God Mod e-cig mods.



The Manhattan Mechanical Mods | En Vogue | Uber Femininemechanical mods

The pink gleam of the Manhattan Copper Mechanical Mods make is one of the most feminine mechanical mods in our range. With all the style of Manhattan, in one smooth cylinder, its name really suits it. More than any other of the mechanical mods we have in our range, the Manhattan oozes style and sophistication, which means for a night out on the town or to a romantic meal there is no better accessory.

Moving on from a personal vaping device to more powerful mechanical mods is the natural progression, when you are an experienced vaper but we think that looking good while you vape, is also a part of that. The dusky pink colour of these copper mechanical mods, ensure that they look good, against any colour of lipstick.

Durable and Lightweight

Made out of 100% copper, the Manhattan mechanical mods are durable and lightweight, and what’s more, it will accommodate the 18650 battery, giving you a great amount of power. The walls of these box mods are thick and strong; ensuring that neither wear nor use will cause damage to it.

Many people have the same reservations and problems with using mechanical mods; auto firing. However, when you use the Manhattan mechanical mods, you will realise that there is a magnetic button containing a failsafe, making it impossible for the device to auto fire, when it isn’t being used.

Cheap and Chic

So if you’ve been looking for more feminine and stylish mechanical mods, you need look no further, as the Manhattan will fulfil your every need. Not only will you have more power, a better vape and more control, you’ll also look ‘en vogue while you’re doing it. All of this and for only £29.99! The Manhattan is one of the cheapest, sleekest mechanical mods around!
Why not order online today, as soon as we receive your order, we’ll get your mechanical mods sent out to you sharpish. Or for any more information, call our dedicated team.

Mechanical Mods | Kamry K600mechanical mods

Made from hand carved natural wood, the Kamry K600 is certainly one of the best looking mechanical mods in the world. Popular over the pond and on the continent, the Kamry is designed specifically for comfort in hand held use.
Your hand will fit perfectly around this wooden masterpiece, and you’ll have other vapers looking on in envy as the Kamry far out-smarts most other mechanical mods and certainly better than personal vaporisers.
The Kamry K600 looks more like an antique than one of our mechanical mods, and is carved out of natural wood, therefore it is eco-friendly, and has been treated specifically for use as an e-cigarette. Unlike metal mechanical mods, the Kamry K600 stands out, and at the same time is a disguise.


The Most Natural Of Mechanical ModsFresh Mist - Elegent E-Cigeratte Kit

Here at Fresh Mist, we are one of the only e-cigarette companies in the UK that have the Kamry K600 in stock, so don’t miss out on keeping up to date with the world’s vapers. What’s more, our prices hands down beat those of eany other stockists of the Kamry K600 as we deal directly with the manufacturers.
With the Kamry K600, not only do you get the most comfortable, handheld vaping experience, there is also a massive power capacity. As with mechanical mods, you expect more power, and the Kamry K600 prvides that and more with a 18650 electronic cigarette battery and a 2000mah, providing more using time.
As always with mechanical mods from Fresh Mist, the Kamry K600 is fitted with a no leaking atomizer, which means those who are used to heavier smoking or vaping can be satisfied. To top it all off, the Kamry K600 comes with a zip case, to easy store your mechanical mods when not in use.

Get In Touch With Fresh Mist Today

Why not get in touch today, to upgrade your mechanical mods to the Kamry K600. Make an order online, and we’ll get it sent out to you straight away.

Mechanical Mods | The Stingray

mechanical mods

The Stingray comes in rainbow, copper and gold.

Although mechanical mods it would seem are the future of vaping, there are many models that are bulky, big and unattractive, although they do allow for a more powerful vape. However, Fresh Mist would like to introduce the more streamline, mechanical mods in our collection. Presenting The Stingray.
The Stingray is a compact mod, measuring in at only 22mm in diameter. As we try and make vaping a more personal and comfortable experience, our mechanical mods are becoming more streamline and comfortable to use.

Safety With The Stingray

As you may be aware, some mechanical mods don’t have the safety features that personal vaping devices have, allowing the vaper more control over the way thy vape, and therefore you may have heard the dangers with mechanical mods. However, with The Stingray Clone 3, there is a locking ring, which is included in the package to prevent accidental firing.
Many people have avoided before, moving on to mechanical mods, because of the size, the danger and the design. However, all of these are eradicated with The Stingray; it is compact, safe and even comes in a range of colours.

Everything The Stingray Has To Offer

What’s more the power within your Stingray can be altered as the package comes with an additional extension tube, with canaccommodate 18350 and 18650 batteries. And with this particular mechanical mods, there is very low voltage loss. What’s more, there is an adjustable firing button, which makes more robust button switches are an option.

mechanical mods

the copper stingray

The Stingray Clone 3 is one of the more sophisticated mechanical mods we have on offer here at Fresh Mist, and what’s more, it will only set your back £29.99. Choose from your copper, gold or rainbow, and spice up your vaping experience with one of the fantastic Stingray mechanical mods.

mechanical mods

After being the biggest alternative to smoking over the past few years, vaping is now moving into a newer, better phase. When our customers come to Fresh Mist as a regular, experienced vaper, we will now advise that you begin to make your vaping more personal. Although starter kits and ready built e-cigarettes are great for newcomers to the phenomenon, we know that when you have been vaping for many months or even years, it’s time for an upgrade. It’s time for mechanical e-cig mods.

Not only does the design of your e-cigarette have to be tailored to you, it is also important, that when you smoke your e-cigarette, the strength and duration of your vaping can be completely your choice.

e-cig mods

Fresh Mist’s Mechanical Mods

Unlike traditional and starter e-cigarettes, or personal vaporisers, mechanical mods allow the user to have much more control. Within a traditional e-cigarettes, there is a chip, which controls the heat and prevents short circuiting. This can cause accidents to happen.

However, if you are an experienced vaper of e-cigarettes, you may want more control of the device you are using. Although, it may take much more thought, if you have been vaping for a while, mechanical mods should come easier to you. What’s more, they look fantastic!

Advantages of Mechanical E-cig Mods

However the biggest advantage of mechanical e-cig mods is due to its lack if certain hard-wiring. As the traditional e-cigarette is all wired together, it makes it more vulnerable to breaking, however in mechanical mods, the power is straight from the battery, meaning that there is a constant stream of power.

Why not have a look at Fresh Mists mechanical mods today. Start moving into the future of vaping, control your own vaping experience.