God Mod

smydAre you looking to buy electronic cigarettes? Well, there are so many brands selling flavoured electronic cigarettes with whole lot of exaggerated promises. It is hard to find the best one unless you have acquired an experience yourself. However, if you are in dilemma in finding the choicest products in the market, here is a suggestion following which you will never regret the decision. The Simeiyue 180s God Mod is the leading watt mod seller in the market having acquired premium recognition for outstanding quality.

Features and Specifications

Metallic Body: The God Mod comes in a stylish aluminium finish to allow convenient dissipation of heat during long duration usage.

LED Screen: The LED screen on this electronic cigarette body is enhanced with blue OLED display revealing the puff counter.

Adjustments: This electronic vape product comes with a series of settings options that offer supreme safety for the user alongside the satisfaction of long-term usage. You can choose to power modes at regular power mode (0 to 80watt) and super power mode (80 to 180watt) depending upon your requirement of smoke intensity. For stronger vapes, switch to the super power mode. Besides this, there is automatic firing mode, automatic ohm resistance meter and much more. The VV and VW adjustability options have been provided to suit your preferences.

Automatic Shut Off: Based on your preference you can turn on or off the automatic shut off button that will stop the electronic cigarette liquid burning to produce smoke after a specific period.

Batteries and Charging: The product comes with the USB charger and 3, 18650 batteries (sold separately). The presence of 3 batteries is quite rare making this the most powerful e-cig mod in the global market. Forget switching batteries, frequent charging, and keep enjoying the unbeatable vaping experience without any obstruction.

Advanced Mechanism for Safe and Hassle-Free Usage

Simeiyue 180s God Mod (Version 3) is highly recognized for its improved and modernized technology featured with supreme safety enhancements. The device comes with a locking device that prevents any sort of misfire incidents during the use for optimum safety. The propriety module chip of 180 watt offers a cooling system to eliminate the chances of glitches with the temperature and heat sensor installed in the e-cigarette.

The protection of the user is on the prime concern for the manufacturers. With this prime concern, the product has been designed with low resistance and voltage protection, shot circuit preventive technology, and safety against big currents and temperatures.

The God Mod comes with an astonishing electronic cigarette starter kit with USB chargers, 3 18650 batteries, protective travel case, and user manual with step-by-step instructions, and other essential electronic cigarette accessories.

Last but not the least; it is worth mentioning the design and styling elements. The buyers can choose from five different color options including Gray, Orange, Red, Black, and Blue. The product is lightweight and hence suitable for carrying while on long distance journeys with fully charged batteries.

The God Mod | E-Cig Modse-cig mods

Check this out, the almighty God Mod, with more power than almost any other e-cig mods on the market. With a massive 180 watts to boast about, any self respecting vaper should get on their knees and pray to the god e-cig mods. A strong aluminium body ensures that these e-cig mods are durable and long lasting, so that when you are vaping you can feel safe in the knowledge that the mod will be powerful for a very long time. With 180 watts coursing through the body of the God Mod, the strength of vape you get will be like a religious awakening.

Available In A Range of Colours

Available in a range of four colours, silver, red, blue and black, the God Mod is suitable for all e-cig mods users. With it’s large LED digital display, the God Mod allows you to be all seeing and all knowing, when it comes to your personal vaping experience, and the output coming from your God Mod. As one of the largest e-cig mods on the market, you’ll certainly show your style, and we recommend that anyone with a preference for complete control buy this amazing product.

What’s more, as the God Mod accommodates 3 x 18650 batteries, meaning the the length of power you get from these e-cig mods is much longer than others in the range. Imagine just how long you can go without charging your God Mod, with all them batteries!

e-cig modsA Whole Lot Of Power

Along with the God Mod, with its powerful battery and 180 watts, you will also receive a smart, black case and all for only £90! This really is the holy father of e-cig mods, and if you give it a go, you be a believer forever!

Why not truly upgrade your e-cig mods today and buy the almighty God Mod? It’s easy, all you have to do is order online and we’ll get it sent to you straight away. Or you can always call us in store, for more information about the God Mod e-cig mods.