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Menthol E-Liquid Flavours

People have found quitting smoking is helped with a change of flavour from tobacco to menthol. Menthol cigarettes along with chewing gum can help cut out the cigarettes forever.

However, Fresh Mist have an even better way of quitting smoking; menthol e-liquid flavours. Using menthol e-liquid flavours in your e-cig is the smartest and most healthy way to alter your taste away from tobacco. With an e-cigarette and menthol e-liquid flavours you could be smoke-free in no time.

What’s more, here at Fresh Mist the choice of menthol e-liquid flavours is vast. From plain mint and peppermint, to spearmint, we have menthol flavours based on your chosen cigarette brands and even menthol e-liquid flavours that have been mixed with fruit. Whatever the minty flavour you need, we’ll have it in stock. We want to help all of our customer to stay off the cigarettes forever, with the help of our pioneering e-liquid flavours.

E-Liquid Flavours Made In The UKapplemint

You can trust exactly where our e-liquid flavours come from as we manufacturer them here in the UK. Each and every e-liquid is made to health and government standards, which means that when you buy your menthol e-liquid flavours from us, you can trust that not only will they taste good, it’s also a healthier alternative to cigarettes.

As always there are different strengths of nicotine in our e-liquid flavours. From no nicotine at all to 24 mg, we have the perfect e-liquid for you. What;s more, we always have thousands of bottles of e-liquid flavours in stock, so you can buy just the one, or as many as you want. And as we want to save you money and help quitting easier, the more you buy the cheaper they are.

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Why not buy your menthol e-liquid flavours today? We have many is stock and we can get them sent out to you straight away. Or contact us, and speak to an adviser about which e-liquid flavours will be the best for you.


Buy E-Liquid Wholesale

If you have been vaping for a while, you’ll know that buying e-cig liquid singularly can end up costing a fortune. However, here at Freshmist, we now offer e-liquid wholesale! Buying your e-cig liquid in bulk can save you time; what’s more, you can buy your e-liquid at the wholesalers price, a significant reduction from the prices of normal retailers.
If you know which e-cig liquid you smoke, you can buy massive amounts at low, low prices. Vaping with Freshmist is simple, as having huge quantities of e-liquid wholesale to hand, at home, is even simpler than popping to the shop for some cigarettes!

e cig liquid wholesale


Low Prices For E-cig Liquid

We sell e-liquid wholesale, as we know that the low prices will keep customers coming back. What’s more, with Freshmist you can guarantee quality e-cig liquid as we develop and formulate all of our liquids here in the UK. Unlike our competitors in the market, who will buy e-liquid wholesale suppliers from the far east, we want to make sure that every single customers know exactly what they are vaping.
Why not have a look at our website, as the range of e-cig liquid flavours we have is extensive. Whether you’re giving up smoking and vape with tobacco flavours, or you prefer something a little bit sweeter, whatever flavour we have got it at vape liquid wholesale uk price.

A Range of Flavours

The price you pay to vape significantly reduces your smoking bills each week anyway, so why not reduce them furtbulk e liquid ukher, and buy e-liquid wholesale from Freshmist. Available in a range of flavours, and suitable for any e-cigarette, why not give us a call or order the product online.
We have strict health and quality control in place, ensuring we provide an A grade product and at a low price. Buy e-liquid wholesale and get vaping.