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Although we love the citrus and cocktail e-liquid flavours through the summer, we think it’s time that we gave you a run down of our favourite e-liquid flavours for over the Christmas period.

We’ve some lovely winter warmers to perfectly compliment Christmas food and drink, and warm your cockles over the festive period. We’re going to list our three top e-liquid flavours for the season. ‘Tis the season to be jolly after all.

3. Black Cherry E-Liquid Flavours

The black cherry will perfectly compliment all that chocolate that you’ll be eating over crimbo. What could taste better than cherry chocolate, what’s more, it will go lovely with any dark spirits that take your fancy this Christmas. Our favourite is Whiskey.

2.  Amaretto E-Liquid Flavours

e-liquid flavours

Could there be a drink more wintry than Amaretto? It can always be trusted to warm your cockles and make the winter seem more bearable. So if you’re an Amaretto fan, why not try our e-liquid flavours in Amaretto? It will be sure to get the party started.

1. Mint Chocolate E-Liquid Flavours

Let’s set the scene, you’ve just finished your Christmas Dinner, what could be a more perfect compliment than our mint chocolate e-liquid flavours? Hugely satisfying, but at the same time refreshing, we are sure that this will be the perfect e-liquid flavours for Christmas Day.

So why not get ready for Christmas with one of our fantastic festive flavours. As always you can buy just the one, but it will be cheaper overall if you buy more than one. You can get three e-liquid flavours for just £9.99!

What’s more, we have hundreds of e-cigarette models which would be fantastic for a Christmas present.

E-Liquid Flavours For Any Night Outbeer e-liquid flavours

Many Smokers only smoke when they’re drinking, and some vapers only vape when they’re drinking. Well we’ve come up with an inspired way of making vaping whilst drinking an all-round tastier experience, with our range of drink e-liquid flavours.

You can match your e-liquid flavours with your drink of choice, as we have so many delicious flavours to choose from. Whether you drink beer, shorts or cocktails, we will have the e-liquid flavours for you in stock. What’s more, we even have soft drink e-liquid flavours on offer!

Multi-Buy E-Liquid Flavours

When you come to Fresh Mist for your e-liquid flavours, you can vape, safe in the knowledge that all our liquids are formulated, developed and made here in Britain. What’s strawberry daiquiri e-liquid flavours more, we even do mix and match. The more e-liquid flavours you buy, the cheaper they are, as with our multi-buy packages, we offer the very best deals. You can buy 3 e-liquid flavours for £10.99, 6 for £18.99, 10 for 28.99 or 20 e-liquid flavours for 53.99, whopping savings.

If you’re a beer drinker, our beer e-liquid flavours are perfect for a night out. Or, if you prefer whiskey or rum, we’ve got them too! Or for the sophisticated cocktail drinker, why not give our strawberry daiquiri flavour a try? Whatever, you’re taste; we’ll have the e-liquid flavours in stock.

Call Or Click To Order

All you have to do is place your order today. We have a fast and efficient delivery service, and when we have received your request, we’ll get your order sent straight to your door, as soon as possible. Why not try our drink e-liquid flavours today? We have the very best e-liquid flavours around at the very best prices. Call in store, order online or give the team a call today, and save yourself some money, with the best e-liquid around.


Menthol E-Liquid Flavours

People have found quitting smoking is helped with a change of flavour from tobacco to menthol. Menthol cigarettes along with chewing gum can help cut out the cigarettes forever.

However, Fresh Mist have an even better way of quitting smoking; menthol e-liquid flavours. Using menthol e-liquid flavours in your e-cig is the smartest and most healthy way to alter your taste away from tobacco. With an e-cigarette and menthol e-liquid flavours you could be smoke-free in no time.

What’s more, here at Fresh Mist the choice of menthol e-liquid flavours is vast. From plain mint and peppermint, to spearmint, we have menthol flavours based on your chosen cigarette brands and even menthol e-liquid flavours that have been mixed with fruit. Whatever the minty flavour you need, we’ll have it in stock. We want to help all of our customer to stay off the cigarettes forever, with the help of our pioneering e-liquid flavours.

E-Liquid Flavours Made In The UKapplemint

You can trust exactly where our e-liquid flavours come from as we manufacturer them here in the UK. Each and every e-liquid is made to health and government standards, which means that when you buy your menthol e-liquid flavours from us, you can trust that not only will they taste good, it’s also a healthier alternative to cigarettes.

As always there are different strengths of nicotine in our e-liquid flavours. From no nicotine at all to 24 mg, we have the perfect e-liquid for you. What;s more, we always have thousands of bottles of e-liquid flavours in stock, so you can buy just the one, or as many as you want. And as we want to save you money and help quitting easier, the more you buy the cheaper they are.

Get In Touch Today

Why not buy your menthol e-liquid flavours today? We have many is stock and we can get them sent out to you straight away. Or contact us, and speak to an adviser about which e-liquid flavours will be the best for you.


Fruity E-Liquid Flavours

There are many e-liquid flavours available, but our British made fruity e-liquid flavours by far the best around. We have created and formulated a range if e-liquid flavours which most closely clone those flavours they are designed to resemble. Whether you want a citrusy flavour, banana or apple, we have the perfect liquid in stock for your perfect vaping experience.

fruity e-liquid flavours

Moving on from a tobacco flavour to a fruity flavour can sometimes be the decider between smoking and quitting, as when you move on from a tobacco based flavour you are moving even further away from smoking cigarettes. What’s more the taste is fantastic and will leave you with a fruity taste in your mouth for ages.

Give Up Smoking Today

If you have been thinking about giving up smoking, why not take the leap today? We have e-liquid ranging in strengths, from 0mg to 18mg, so even though youe-liquid flavours might still be getting the same hit of a cigarette, the taste is fresher and tastier. What’s more, if you already vape with fruity e-liquid flavours, why not move on to our brand new e-liquid formulas? Our e-liquid flavours are all designed in line with current health laws.



Giving up smoking today will obviously improve your health, but it will also improve your finances. Our new e-liquid flavours are not only created in Britain, but you can buy bundles of them here online or in store for low prices. We want every single customer that comes to Freshmist to quit smoking to get the help and encouragement that they deserve, and selling our e-liquid flavours at such a low price, how can you resist?

Vaping Fruity

Why not move on to fruity e-liquid flavours today? We have many different flavours in stock, so why don’t you have a look at our e-liquid flavours page now. You could be up and vaping in no time.
You can always call us or visit our store as well or reach us on Facebook.

British E-Liquid Flavours

Home-grown. Organic. Britishe-cigarette liquid

These are three of the words associated with quality British products. Trusting the goods that you buy are from a reputable source is something we Brits have become more and more concerned with over the years. Very rarely are these words applied to e-cigs.  However, we have found that one of the main reasons people will not try to quit smoking, with the help of an e-cigarette is that e-cigarette liquid has not been produced in the UK.

That’s all about to change.


Pioneering E-Cigarette Liquid Creation

Here at Freshmist, we have pioneered a new strategy in which the e-liquid flavours that we sell are formulated, mixed and created here in Britain. We have been working hard to make sure that our secret formula, creates the best e-liquid flavours around.

Our professional mixologists only use the very best flavour and nicotine extracts, ensuring that not only does the e-liquid flavours have the tastiest flavours, but that you also get the kick that you need.

Making sure your e-cigarette liquids are a perfect match to your needs is one of our main priorities, here at Freshmist, and so we are steadily growing our range of British e-liquid flavours, to match everybody’s needs. We have e-liquid flavours in fruity, sweet, menthol and traditional tobacco flavours, ranging in strength from 0mg-18mg.

e-liquid flavours
e-liquid flavours

e-liquid flavours


Buy Cheap E-Cigarette Liquid Online

At the fantastic price of just £3.99 per bottle, you can’t go wrong with our British e-liquid flavours. We also do fab bundles, which include three e-liquid flavours for £10.99, six e-cigarette liquids for £18.99 or 10 liquids for just £28.99. You could save a fortune!

You can order in store or online here, and if you’re in the UK your order should be with you within 2-3 days. You could be one step closer to giving up smoking for good, with the help of Freshmist.