Innokin e-Cigarette Range

innokin e-cigarette

Innokie Lily E-cigarette

Here at Fresh Mist, we are one of leading distributors of the Innokin e-cigarette range. Innokin currently designs four different e-cigarettes, the iTaste, iClear, CoolFire and the Lily. Founded in 2009, Innokin design some of the best Advanced Personal Vaporizers in the world, making e-cigarettes more environmentally friendly, than their disposable counterparts.
We sell all the Innokin e-cigarette range, and even stock the Swarovski crystal encrusted Lily, the brand new creation from Innokin. So if you have been looking for a branded advanced e-cigarette, with a little bit of pizzazz, why not get in touch with Fresh Mist today.

The Innokin Lily Swarovski Crystal


Sometimes, we want a bit of sparkle in our lives, and although plain e-cigarettes are great on a day to day basis, if you’re going out, and need some glamour, why not invest in one of the Innokin Lily range.
For the reduced price of £42.99 you could be vaping in style! For this price, the Lily Swarovski Crystal comes with a 350 mAh polymer Li‐Ion rechargeable battery, 2 mouthpieces, encrusted with Swarovski Crystals, 4 atomizers and Cartridges, a USB charger and pipette bottle. What’s more, the Lily comes in a range of different colours, including pink to make the boys wink!

Innokin iTaste Cool Fire II

Innokin e-cigarette

Cool Fire II

For the more masculine vaper, there is always the iTaste Cool Fire II. Designed to resemble a hand grenade, the Cool Fire II is available in both black and khaki. For under £50, the Cool Fire II will be sure to appeal to those who want to make their vaping experience a more personal one, especially those with a military style.

For £49.99 the Cool Fire II comes with an iClear30B Dual Coil Clearomizer with rotatable stainless steel drip tip, along with the presentable box and owner’s manual. There is an LED Battery Power Display, a low voltage warning and battery safety protection.
So if you want to make your vaping experience more exciting, why not invest in one of the amazing Innokin ranges. We can get your e-cigarette sent out to you today.

mechanical mods

After being the biggest alternative to smoking over the past few years, vaping is now moving into a newer, better phase. When our customers come to Fresh Mist as a regular, experienced vaper, we will now advise that you begin to make your vaping more personal. Although starter kits and ready built e-cigarettes are great for newcomers to the phenomenon, we know that when you have been vaping for many months or even years, it’s time for an upgrade. It’s time for mechanical e-cig mods.

Not only does the design of your e-cigarette have to be tailored to you, it is also important, that when you smoke your e-cigarette, the strength and duration of your vaping can be completely your choice.

e-cig mods

Fresh Mist’s Mechanical Mods

Unlike traditional and starter e-cigarettes, or personal vaporisers, mechanical mods allow the user to have much more control. Within a traditional e-cigarettes, there is a chip, which controls the heat and prevents short circuiting. This can cause accidents to happen.

However, if you are an experienced vaper of e-cigarettes, you may want more control of the device you are using. Although, it may take much more thought, if you have been vaping for a while, mechanical mods should come easier to you. What’s more, they look fantastic!

Advantages of Mechanical E-cig Mods

However the biggest advantage of mechanical e-cig mods is due to its lack if certain hard-wiring. As the traditional e-cigarette is all wired together, it makes it more vulnerable to breaking, however in mechanical mods, the power is straight from the battery, meaning that there is a constant stream of power.

Why not have a look at Fresh Mists mechanical mods today. Start moving into the future of vaping, control your own vaping experience.