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Made from hand carved natural wood, the Kamry K600 is certainly one of the best looking mechanical mods in the world. Popular over the pond and on the continent, the Kamry is designed specifically for comfort in hand held use.
Your hand will fit perfectly around this wooden masterpiece, and you’ll have other vapers looking on in envy as the Kamry far out-smarts most other mechanical mods and certainly better than personal vaporisers.
The Kamry K600 looks more like an antique than one of our mechanical mods, and is carved out of natural wood, therefore it is eco-friendly, and has been treated specifically for use as an e-cigarette. Unlike metal mechanical mods, the Kamry K600 stands out, and at the same time is a disguise.


The Most Natural Of Mechanical ModsFresh Mist - Elegent E-Cigeratte Kit

Here at Fresh Mist, we are one of the only e-cigarette companies in the UK that have the Kamry K600 in stock, so don’t miss out on keeping up to date with the world’s vapers. What’s more, our prices hands down beat those of eany other stockists of the Kamry K600 as we deal directly with the manufacturers.
With the Kamry K600, not only do you get the most comfortable, handheld vaping experience, there is also a massive power capacity. As with mechanical mods, you expect more power, and the Kamry K600 prvides that and more with a 18650 electronic cigarette battery and a 2000mah, providing more using time.
As always with mechanical mods from Fresh Mist, the Kamry K600 is fitted with a no leaking atomizer, which means those who are used to heavier smoking or vaping can be satisfied. To top it all off, the Kamry K600 comes with a zip case, to easy store your mechanical mods when not in use.

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