The Statistics Say It All

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Vaping At An All Time High. Smoking At An All Time Low

The Guardian reported yesterday that smoking has fallen to an all-time low. Since records on the habit began in the 1940s, the percentage of smokers in 2012 was 19.8% and fell to 18.7% in 2013. The article also said ‘The drop in smoking also shows that the use of electronic cigarettes would lead to the renormalisation of tobacco use appear unfounded. The rapid increase in the use of these products has coincided with a consistent steady decline in smoking.’


The newspaper went on to comment that Ash (Action on Smoking and Health) estimated that ‘2.1 million people in the UK now use e-cigarettes, almost entirely current or ex-smokers.’

Quit Today With Fresh Mist UK

If it has been at the back of your mind this Stop-tober, or even for longer. All you have to do is give it a go. It’s really easy to start vaping, and we have even formulated e-cigarette liquids which are the most similar in taste to cigarettes than any other brand. The statistics say it all. As vaping becomes more popular, the amount of smokers has decreased in the UK. Wouldn’t you like to become a ex-smoker.

Not only will you save thousands of pounds every year, you can also vape in many public buildings, meaning no more getting caught in the rain. But the most important thing is, your health will improve ten-fold.


Stub it out and charge it up

E-Cigarettes cut out tar and tobacco, two of the main causes of lung cancer and heart attacks in the UK, and although the nicotine is still there, this can be controlled and eventually reduced.

So give it a go today. Take a look at our starter kits and flavours, and get vaping.

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