Simply 3*10ML Tub – Whilst Stock Lasts



Available in 3 x 10ml TPD compliant bottles.

50/50 ratio of PG and VG, this gives a perfect balance when vaping, and superior taste!

Great tasting, Great vapour production = a winning combination.

Our Simply Vapour eliquid is made with a 50VG / 50PG mix making sure you get the throat hit, but also the amazing flavour.

At FreshMist we have our team of mixologists, have come up with the perfect combination that will suit any vaper, making sure there is no compromise in flavour or throat hit. The team have been working hard sourcing flavours from a leading UK company who specialise in the flavouring industry and we can guarantee that all our flavours are 100% pharmaceutically graded.


Apple & Berry 6MG, Black Cherry Blend 6MG, Blackcurrant Tunes 3MG, Blueberry Bubblegum 11MG, Blueberry Ice 6MG, Bubblegum 11MG, Bubblegum 6MG, Bubblegum Blast 11MG, Creamy Strawberry 11MG, English Garden Party 11MG, English Garden Party 6MG, Heisenberg 3MG, Mega Melons 11MG, Menthol 6MG, Pineapple Cubes 11MG, Pink Lemonade 11MG, Pink Lemonade 6MG, Rainbow Candy 6MG, Rhubarb & Custard 11MG, Strawberry Ice Blast 11MG, Strawberry Kiwi 11MG, Strawberry Yoghurt 11MG, Unicorn Milk 11MG, Vimto 3MG, Watermelon Chill 11MG