iStick Box Mod Review

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istick box modWith the growing health concerns related to smoking tobacco more and more people are switching over to e cigarettes. More than one fifth of smokers have been successfully able to quit smoking by changing to e cigarettes. The e cigarettes are a tobacco free product which makes use of vaporisers to heat up a fluid which is then turned to vapour and inhaled. The istick is one such device which can help you check and ultimately get rid of your smoking habits. An istick comes in a compact size and sleek design and its metallic finish gives it a very elegant look. They are available in four different colours red, blue, black and silver and their sleek design and compact size has made it a very covetable item for all smokers willing to quit.

The istick comes with a 0.8″ OLED display screen which shows the condition of the battery, the voltage and wattage and resistance.  Its variable voltage feature makes sure that the device can be adjusted from 3.0 V to 7.1V with 0.1 V increments. It also features variable wattage which can be easily adjusted between 2.0W to 20.0W with 0.1 increments. In order to turn the device on or off you need to press the square button repeatedly for 5 times. Once the battery is switched on you need to press the square button 3 times repeatedly in order to switch the VV/VW mode. Its variable voltage option gives you complete protection against low voltage and short circuit. The micro usb charging more makes sure that you can charge it up very easily so that you never get stranded without your kit. If you are a non smoker then make a gift of istick to your smoker friends and help them to get out of the clutches of tobacco.

The istick is one of the most sought after e cigarette devices in the market and its tiny size makes sure that it fits into your palm or your pocket. Its 3.0 V to 7.1V voltage control which helps influencing the temperature and taste will help you control the voltage according to your smoking habits. Its quick charging speed ensures that you never have to crave for a puff again. The comfortable weight and sophisticated design of the istick has made it a very desirable item among smokers who are trying to quit. You will get to know about the condition of the battery, voltage and resistance on the .8’’ OLED display. Its size is less than half of your smart phone so that it can fit inside your pocket easily. The look of istick is so concise and graceful that most people won’t believe that its just an e cig. The product is compatible with a vast range of atomizers and e liquid tanks. If you are a smoker trying to quit his habits, then you would well with the all new istick from Freshmist. If you have any doubts or queries about the product then feel free to call the customer care helpline of FreshMist.

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