About E-Cigarette Clearomizers

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Clearomizers are one of the best innovations for e-cigarette users, looking to get the most out of their vaping experience. e-Cigarette clearomizers come in all shapes and sizes, but can easily be identified by a transparent tank that allows a user to see the level of liquid remaining in them, and therefore allowing for easy re-filling.

Because of their unique nature and functionality, e-Cigarette clearomizers can have common problems compared to atomizers and cartomizers. Many of these problems can be easily resolved through maintenance, however sometimes a clearomizer unit needs to be replaced.

Why Is My Clearomizer Is Leaking?e-cigarette clearomizers

Clearomizers, like CE4 units are made from a reinforced plastic that is crack resistant, but not crack proof. These tanks will stand up to heavy wear and tear, but can still crack, this mean that some extent of care must be taken, whilst handling them.

Sometimes, in the case of a CE4, if the tank is still intact but leakage is occurring, the problem can lie in the O-ring sealant that’s inside the tank itself. Check to see if there’s a small, clear ring attached to your black mouthpiece after you unscrew it. If no ring is present, the unit is no longer being sealed and juice can leak. Simply replace the O-ring to fix this issue.

Why Do E-Cigarette Clearomizers Taste Burnt?

If you’re getting a burnt taste when inhaling from your e-Cigarette clearomizers, the problem is likely with the wicks inside of it. When your e-Liquid level becomes low and the wicks become dry, they can cause a burning taste to occur.

Simply re-wet the wicks inside of your clearomizer by refilling your tank with e-Liquid or tilting the unit back and forth so that the remaining juice wets the wicks.

Why Did My Clearomizer Stop Working?

Because of their plastic composition, e-cigarette clearomizers are susceptible to decomposition when filled with a highly acidic or corrosive e-Liquid. Usually, e-Liquids that are oil based (cinnamon, peppermint, clove, etc.) tend to cause problems for these products and should be avoided. Clearomizers tend to stop working very quickly when filled with corrosive e-Liquids, as they will damage the atomizers within just a few hours of being filled.

How Do I Fill E-Cigarette Clearomizers?

Filling e-cigarette clearomizers is very different from filling a normal tank. When filling a clearomizer, you must fill liquid to the side of the unit, making sure that the tip of your bottle is diverted away from the center interior console. Getting e liquid in the center of the tank can result in leakage, or even sucking the e-liquid into your mouth.

How To Fill Your E-Cigarette Clearomizers

Here are step by step instructions on how to properly fill a CE4 Clearomizer:

  1. Unscrew mouthpiece and set aside.
  2. Insert bottle tip or syringe into clear part of the tank, with tip angled towards the side.
  3. Slowly squeeze eLiquid into the tank until tank is filled.
  4. Do Not Overfill! Do not fill past indicators on the side of the tank.
  5. When finished filling, replace mouthpiece.
  6. Tilt tank back and forth to wet wicks inside of clearomizer.
  7. Vape On!