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The Best For Your E-Cig Liquide-cig liquid

Choosing the correct clearomizer tank for your e-cig is quite important; the clearomizer is one of the most vital parts to make sure that your e-cig is vaping effectively. With the Aspire Nautilus Honeycomb Tank, you can get the very best level of vape. The Aspire Nautilus Honeycomb clearomizer is a more robust tank, and perfect for holding any e-cig liquid. Compared to conventional glass tanks, this is more durable and guaranteed to last longer.
We have found that the main problem our customers have with vaping is problems with the clearomizer. Any many find that it is usually the clearomizer that breaks first, however, with a more sturdy version, damage is limited. So why not fill your e-cig liquid with style?

Stainless Steel Tank

The Aspire Nautilus Honeycomb is made from stainless steel so durability is a sure thing. What’s more, this clearomizer fits to the general sized battery, so you can choose any size, shape or price of battery to go with it. However, if for any reason you need to replace the clearomizer, Fresh Mist stock Aspire Nautilus Replacement Tank, and both you can get for just £9.99 each.

As you develop as a more experienced vaper, it will become clear that building your own e-cig and developing a taste for one e-cig liquid is the way to go. Choosing your favourite battery, clearomizer and e-cig liquid is easy with Fresh Mist as our range is huge. What’s more, we always want to make stopping smoking easier and cheaper and our prices reflect this.

Quit Smoking Today

All you have to do to quit smoking today and personalise your vaping experience is get in touch. You can order online the equipment that you need and we’ll get it sent to you straight away. Or why not call an adviser? We’re always here to help you out if you have any questions. What’s more we have thousands of e-cig liquid in stock.

Fruity E-Liquid Flavours

There are many e-liquid flavours available, but our British made fruity e-liquid flavours by far the best around. We have created and formulated a range if e-liquid flavours which most closely clone those flavours they are designed to resemble. Whether you want a citrusy flavour, banana or apple, we have the perfect liquid in stock for your perfect vaping experience.

fruity e-liquid flavours

Moving on from a tobacco flavour to a fruity flavour can sometimes be the decider between smoking and quitting, as when you move on from a tobacco based flavour you are moving even further away from smoking cigarettes. What’s more the taste is fantastic and will leave you with a fruity taste in your mouth for ages.

Give Up Smoking Today

If you have been thinking about giving up smoking, why not take the leap today? We have e-liquid ranging in strengths, from 0mg to 18mg, so even though youe-liquid flavours might still be getting the same hit of a cigarette, the taste is fresher and tastier. What’s more, if you already vape with fruity e-liquid flavours, why not move on to our brand new e-liquid formulas? Our e-liquid flavours are all designed in line with current health laws.



Giving up smoking today will obviously improve your health, but it will also improve your finances. Our new e-liquid flavours are not only created in Britain, but you can buy bundles of them here online or in store for low prices. We want every single customer that comes to Freshmist to quit smoking to get the help and encouragement that they deserve, and selling our e-liquid flavours at such a low price, how can you resist?

Vaping Fruity

Why not move on to fruity e-liquid flavours today? We have many different flavours in stock, so why don’t you have a look at our e-liquid flavours page now. You could be up and vaping in no time.
You can always call us or visit our store as well or reach us on Facebook.

Buy E-Liquid Wholesale

If you have been vaping for a while, you’ll know that buying e-cig liquid singularly can end up costing a fortune. However, here at Freshmist, we now offer e-liquid wholesale! Buying your e-cig liquid in bulk can save you time; what’s more, you can buy your e-liquid at the wholesalers price, a significant reduction from the prices of normal retailers.
If you know which e-cig liquid you smoke, you can buy massive amounts at low, low prices. Vaping with Freshmist is simple, as having huge quantities of e-liquid wholesale to hand, at home, is even simpler than popping to the shop for some cigarettes!

e-cig liquid


Low Prices For E-cig Liquid

We sell e-liquid wholesale, as we know that the low prices will keep customers coming back. What’s more, with Freshmist you can guarantee quality e-cig liquid as we develop and formulate all of our liquids here in the UK. Unlike our competitors in the market, who will buy e-liquid wholesale from the far east, we want to make sure that every single customers know exactly what they are vaping.
Why not have a look at our website, as the range of e-cig liquid flavours we have is extensive. Whether you’re giving up smoking and vape with tobacco flavours, or you prefer something a little bit sweeter, whatever flavour we have got it at e-liquid wholesale price.

A Range of Flavours

The price you pay to vape significantly reduces your smoking bills each week anyway, so why not reduce them furte-liquid wholesaleher, and buy e-liquid wholesale from Freshmist. Available in a range of flavours, and suitable for any e-cigarette, why not give us a call or order the product online.
We have strict health and quality control in place, ensuring we provide an A grade product and at a low price. Buy e-liquid wholesale and get vaping.