Funky Slick Starter Kit

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  • 1 x FreshMist e-cigarette with a 900mAh battery
  • 1 x FreshMist usb charger
  • Battery fitted with a 1.6ml CE4 optimizer

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What better way to get started vaping, and that’s with one of our Funky Slick electronic cigarettes. We have got loads of different designs, and we figured that it would be easier to give you the choice of a male or female version of our starter kit, to enable you to start vaping a little bit quicker.

Simply select whether you would like the Male or Female starter kit and we will do the rest for you! What’s even better is that you are making an awesome saving too!

Our funky slick electronic cigarette comes with the choice of a 900mAh eGO-T e-cigarette battery with CE4 Optimizer, Fresh Mist usb charger

The Funky range delivers an incredible amount of vapour from its large 900mAh Battery. The 900mAh battery will typically last around 24-36 hours before needing a recharge and our all-new optimizers deliver maximum vapour, with each charge delivering the equivalent smoke time of around 30 cigarettes/600 puffs.

Our Single Funky Slick Starter Kit deal comes with:

  • 1 x Fresh Mist Male or Female Designed Battery (900mAh/4.2V)
  • 1 x Fresh Mist CE4 Clearomiser (Colour varies)
  • 1 x Fresh Mist USB Fast Charger


Can be used with any ego style or any 510 threaded accessory


Wash the Clearomiser only in warm water. The best way to clean the wicks is to fill the unit half way with warm water, put the top on and then shake vigorously. This method should be repeated 3-4 times until the colour of the wick is as close to white as possible. Leave to dry and re-use. This isn’t a definite science, but should allow for a few more days usage out of the Clearomiser, before it needs replacing.

How to use

To fill the CE4 Clearomiser unscrew the mouth piece and place to one side. Hold the clearomiser upright and fill with approximately 1.2ml of liquid (along the side of the unit, avoiding the middle airhole). You can of course fill to 1.6ml, but at 1.2ml you will get the best balance between flavour, vapour and throat hit. Once filled, leave for approximately 3 minutes so that e-liquid saturates and absorbs into the wick. The CE4 is now ready for use. Once the atomiser head on your Clearomiser is burnt out, replace with a new atomiser head (This will be very obvious; the flavour will change, the wick will discolour and go either brown or black and the system will generally perform at a ‘’lacking’’ standard). Make sure you always have some spare Clearomisers, It’s always better having spares than none at all.

To switch on battery – Click button 5 times. Once Clearomiser is filled with liquid and is connected to battery simply click and hold button whilst taking a slow and steady draw on the system.

Battery Information Please Read.

At FreshMist we recommend the following when purchasing an electronic cigarette. These products contain a battery and if not charged or handled correctly can be dangerous. We have listed some very basic guidelines below that will make sure that you are 100% safe at all times.

Battery Guidelines

  • NEVER leave a charging electronic cigarette battery unattended especially overnight while sleeping.
  • NEVER keep mechanical mod batteries loose in your pocket or bag, this could lead to a short circuit. We recommend purchasing a plastic battery holder if you require to carry a spare.
  • Do not over-charge your battery by leaving it charging for long periods of times. Always remove from charge as soon as the green light or other indication illustrates that it’s fully charged. Please check the instructions of your electronic cigarette if you are unsure.
  • Only use the correct charger for the batteries, please call us if you require some advice.
  • Only use recommended batteries and do not purchase cheap alternatives.
  • Please dispose of batteries safely and according to the regulations.
Colour Choice

White, Pink, Purple, Silver, Surprise Me


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