Freshmist 900 mAh Battery


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Replacement 900 mAh batteries in a range of colours!

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The capacity of an e-cig battery refers to how much power it can store which affects how long it can be used before it needs to be recharged.

When it comes to the traditional standard e-cig battery, you will normally find the more power it can hold, the larger it will physically be.

However, e-cig batteries now come in many forms. You may have seen people using all sorts of interesting-looking devices, these also need their power source and this will either be a built-in battery which you will never see, or a conventional-looking battery that’s inserted into an ecig battery tube or box shape device (these items are often referred to as mods).

Regardless of how the battery or power source may appear, when you see a number and mAh after it, it’s giving you an indication as to the typical amount of power it can hold. This principal is similar to that of a fuel tank in a car, the bigger the tank, the further you can drive.

This battery supports the 5-click on and off safety feature.


1 x 900 mAh battery.


Black, Blue, Chrome, Pink, Purple, Rainbow, Red


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