eGo C Twist Battery 1300 MAH


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The New eGo-C Twist battery now with variable voltage, allowing you to adjust between 3.2V and 4.8V.

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The eGo-C Twist electronic cigarette battery features a Variable Voltage option. The eGo-C twist battery allows you to adjust voltage from 3.3v to 4.8v by turning the dial at the bottom. Each increment is 0.5v.

Boasting a massive 1300 mAh battery, this battery will offer fantastic performance before having to recharge the battery. The battery has a regular 510/eGo connector which means most standard clearomizers or tanks will fit nicely on the unit.

Adjusting the device to increase the voltage is made simple by rotating the bottom of the battery in an anti-clockwise or clockwise position to increase/decrease the voltage.

Buy yourself a spare for your electronic cigarette so that you never have to wait for your original battery to charge. You will always have a battery handy if you have two to switch between!

All of our batteries are compatible with our e-cigarette

The eGo-C Twist can also be turned on/off by pressing the button 5 times. This is Ideal when carrying the battery in a pocket or bag.




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