Electronic Cigarette Charging & Usage Guide

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Fresh Mist - E Cigarettes

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How long does my E-Cigarette take to charge?

New batteries are supplied partially pre-charged and are ready for use. On average a fully discharged battery will take 2 hours to recharge completely.

How long does the battery last between charges?

Battery charge life varies depending on usage. A fully charged Fresh Mist E-Cig battery should last around 2 hours in constant use.

How do I know when to recharge my E-Cigarette?

The light flashing is a low power warning which indicates the battery needs to be recharged.

The Fresh Mist E-Cig battery can be recharged at any point of the usage cycle.

If you can avoid fully discharging the battery repeatedly and recharge the battery before the tip blinks it will help to prolong it’s lifespan.

Can you provide any battery safety information?

The Fresh Mist E-Cig has safe-circuitry and overcharge protection built-in. However, storing your battery or using your battery incorrectly may damage the incorporated safety features. Important Battery Safety Information Never charge or leave the battery in the charger overnight.

It is imperative to avoid damage, venting or worse that you ensure you use compatible batteries with your device.

The responsibility resides with the user of the device that all parts, including the battery/ies are compatible and are used correctly.

  • Never charge a battery for longer than stated
  • Never leave a battery charging while unattended
  • Never place a battery next to mobile phones, e-readers or magnetised objects
  • Never charge a battery with a damaged adaptor
  • Never attempt to charge a battery that has been dropped or damaged
  • Never charge with an unspecified charger
  • Never charge with a modified charger
  • Never attempt to modify the battery
  • Never disassemble a battery
  • Never dispose of batteries in fire or water
  • Always beware of static electricity
  • Always use the adaptor supplied with your battery
  • Always keep your batteries away from extreme sources of heat
  • Always recharge the battery if fully discharged

Why does my battery not charge?

Check that the threads of the battery and USB charger are clean. Fluff or a buildup of dirt on the threads will prevent a proper connection and may also damage battery cells. We advise that you regularly clean the battery thread by wiping it with a tissue.

If a Fresh Mist E-Cig battery is stored in a fully discharged state it will fail to recharge. Storing or placing a Fresh Mist E-Cig battery next to magnetised objects such as keys or sat navs, e-readers and mobile phones may damage the battery cells. If the battery fails to charge, you will need to order a spare battery.

Batteries are consumable and approx. lifespan is around 2-3 months subject to user care. If your battery is more than a couple of months old it may need replacing.

How often should I replace my batteries?

Fresh Mist’s high quality batteries are built with lithium-ion technology and regular replacement of these items is recommended to maintain peak performance.

We recommend you replace your batteries every 2-3 months which will ensure that you are getting the best performance out of your Cartomizers.

Am I overusing my E-Cigarette?

With a normal cigarette, an average smoker only tends to take several proper puffs while the rest of the cigarette burns away. Unlike a real tobacco cigarette the Fresh Mist E-Cig does not burn down when not in use. We recommend limiting the number of inhales to 7 per session with each inhale lasting 2 to 3 seconds. We class this as having 1 cigarette.

The best way to make the most of the Fresh Mist E-Cig is to use it at the times when you would have a tobacco cigarette. If you usually smoke a cigarette every hour, then only use the Fresh Mist E-Cig once per hour.

The Fresh Mist E-Cig is convenient which makes it very easy to take extra puffs without even noticing. A clear indication that you are overusing the Fresh Mist E-Cig is if you need to recharge batteries frequently and are using too many Cartomizers.

How do I Smoke the Fresh Mist E Cigarette?

‘Smoking’ the Fresh Mist E-Cig is really called ‘vaping’ as there is no physical smoke only vapour. We suggest you follow these simple techniques: Avoid drawing too hard or too fast, as this will limit vapour flow and nicotine delivery Fresh Mist e cig

Take light, slow, steady puffs for optimal results

Inhaling the vapour into your lungs provides a deeper nicotine throat hit, where holding the vapour in your mouth like a cigar, will enhance the taste

Holding the vapour back for a minimum of 2 to 3 seconds allows the nicotine and flavours to absorb

Taking 7 puffs, each lasting 2 to 3 seconds is classed as having 1 normal cigarette

Inhaling steadily for 4 to 5 seconds will deliver an even stronger hit

How do I Store my E-Cigarette?

Keep out of reach of children and pets for reasons of safety. The battery should be stored in the Fresh Mist box provided or in the optional hard case, away from sources of heat and direct sunlight when not in use. If you are not a regular user or only plan on using the Fresh Mist E-Cig occasionally then always make sure you charge the battery fully before storing. The battery should always be recharged when depleted.

Cartomizer refills are not intended to be stored for a prolonged period of time in a domestic environment and are best consumed within one month of purchasing. Refills should be stored out of direct sunlight and away from sources of heat and humidity, preferably in a cool, dark cupboard or drawer.

Refills are sealed with an outer wrapper to preserve their freshness, but refill contents will start to degrade and evaporate in a domestic environment.

Fresh Mist have special storage facilities to preserve the integrity of ingredients. Consumable products are only transferred to our central distribution centre when new stock is required. Our storage and production process assures only goods in peak condition are received by customers.

How do I fill my E Cigarette with E-Liquid?

Refilling instructions are provided with the Starter Kits in the box. Use Fresh Mist E-liquid

  • Do not inject pure VG based e-liquids
  • Do not overfill
  • Do not inject more than 1.6ml of e-liquid to prevent leakage
  • Do not allow the e-liquid level to drop below 0.6ml to prevent damage
  • Do not inject liquid inside the central air-intake hole
  • Ensure the rubber sealing ring is in place on the thread of the mouthpiece

Why is my CE6 Clearomizer Leaking?

CE6 Clearomizers are very reliable and leakproof by design if used correctly. The CE6 Clearomizer can leak under certain conditions:- If the rubber sealing ring on the thread of mouthpiece has been lost

  • If placed in direct sunlight or in extreme heat ie) on the dashboard of a car or near a fire
  • If overfilled or incorrectly filled
  • If filled with a non-Fresh Mist e-liquid
  • If excessively vaped, or vaped more than we recommend

Can I clean the CE6 Clearomizer?

Yes, and it’s very easy to do so.

There are two different levels of cleaning:

Every Day Clean – The battery thread connector of the CE4 Clearomizer and the mouthpiece should be wiped with a tissue each day. You can also wash the mouthpiece under a running tap. Take care not to lose the sealing ring which fits on the thread of the mouthpiece.

Full Clean – You can completely flush the CE6 Clearomizer out with hot (not boiling) water. Take care not to lose the sealing ring which fits on the thread of the mouthpiece. Repeat this process several times for optimum results.

You will need to leave the CE6 Clearomizer to dry completely for 24 hours. Once dry and before refilling with e-liquid attach the CE6 Clearomizer to the battery and ‘dry’ vape by pressing the LED button down for 8 to 10 seconds without inhaling.

Repeat the dry vape a second time and then refill with Fresh Mist e-liquid. The wicks of the CE6 Clearomizer may take longer than normal to absorb the flavours of the e-liquid and the full flavour may not develop until refilling for a second time. We only recommend a ‘Full Clean’ if you are changing flavours or unused e-liquid left in the CE6 Clearomizer becomes sludge like in appearance.